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Simple Organization Tips for Busy Bloggers

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We are all busy trying to get our work done. We want to be productive bloggers and really concentrate on our writing. Yet there is always something that gets in the way. We lose something, can’t find that bill or note, or just get frustrated at the day to day things that pop up. We do not want to spend our time and hard earned money, but we know we have to do something about the mess around us. What can we do?

Well, there are some simple ways to be more organized, get more done, and not spend a lot of time or money doing it. Here are some tips to do just that:

Keep cords in sight

I do not know about you, but my electronics cords are always slipping behind my desk. It is a pain to crawl under there and retrieve them, but what can I do? Well, I figured out this little trick. Thread the cords through a binder clip and then clip them to the edge of your desk. That way they stay in sight but out of the way and they never fall behind the desk again!

Label cords

Another issue I have is with figuring out which cord goes to what. There are three simple ways I have learned to label my cords without having to buy expensive specialized stuff. The first way is Perler beads. Those soft rubber plastic beads that you played with as a child have another use. Just slice it open and slip it around the cord. This works well for smaller cords and keeps them color coordinated so I know which is which. For larger cords I use bread tabs. Those little plastic squares are just the right side to clip around the cords and leave plenty of room to write a label in permanent marker. For a simpler label, you can use nail polish. Coordinate colors or use abbreviations. The polish stays forever and is easy to see on even black cords.

Keep cords plugged in

If you have an extension cord that is always coming unplugged then try this simple trick. Just knot the cord lightly where the two plugs connect and you will have no more problems. The knot keeps the cords together and does not hurt them.

Banging dryer

If you have ever washed shoes and needed to get them dry then you know how load and annoying they are in the dryer. Not only that but they can kick open the door and leave you with wet shoes anyway. For a simple way around that just leave the shoelaces outside of the dryer when you shut it. The laces will keep the shoes confined and will not let them bang, but they will still get dry.

Clean fridge

If you are like me then you hate to clean your refrigerator. I never know how it gets to be such a sticky mess. Well, an easy way to get around that is with contact paper. Simply line the refrigerator shelves with contact paper when it is clean. Then all you have to do is remove the contact paper and replace it when it gets dirty. A super easy way to keep your fridge clean and unsticky.

Christmas lights

Tis the season to be angry. No matter how I pack up my Christmas lights the year before when I get them out to use them I always find a tangled mess. Well, this year I will not. That is because I discovered a new way to pack them. Instead of winding them into a ball, all you have to do is wrap them around a plastic coat hanger. The coat hanger keeps them from getting tangled and you from getting frustrated. It does not weigh much or take up extra room, so it is a great alternative to traditional methods.

Running late

Are you always late? Do you have trouble getting ready in time, no matter when you get up? Well an easy and fun solution to that is to create a playlist for the exact amount of time you have to get ready. The songs get faster as you get closer to the time you need to leave and when it is over you know your time is up. Not only will it get you out the door on time but it will keep you motivated to get things done!


If you are always forgetting something important then here is an easy solution. Simple leave the item under your car keys or shoes. That way you will not be able to leave the house without seeing it. That simple step has saved me a lot of return trips in my time!

Losing memory

If you have flash drives then you know how easy they are to lose. The little things like to just disappear on you! A good thing to do is put an “identification.txt” file on them. Include all the information necessary to get it back to you, like your email address, phone number, or mailing address. That way if someone finds it they can return it to you. It is also a good idea to make folders password protected if they are sensitive.

Keep motivated

If you have a problem finishing things then the best thing you can do is tell a bunch of people what you are doing. You will not want to disappoint them or be embarrassed if they bring it up later. That way you get things done even when you are running low on energy.

Readjust your sleep pattern

Sometimes our sleep schedule gets thrown off. When it does it is hard to get back you your regular schedule. An easy way to trick your body into readjusting is by changing how you eat. Stop eating sixteen to twelve hours before you want to wake up. Then when you eat again your body’s rhythm will be reset. That time will be ‘breakfast’ time. This is a great way to easily reset your sleep schedule.

Frozen locks

If you live where it get really cold (thankfully I do not) then you need this tip. If your lock gets frozen over do not fret. Just squirt a bit of hand sanitizer in it. The high alcohol content will help to melt the lack without damaging anything. You can also get rid of fog inside your windows with a chalkboard eraser. It works better than a rag and helps you to see again fast.

Open a package

If you buy those pesky clamshells or blister pack packages then you know how hard they are to open without cutting yourself. Not only is the plastic itself sharp but scissors like to slide away as you cut it and a knife is just asking for trouble. So, how can you open them safely? Use a hand can opener. The blade cuts open the package easily and you can then get to the contents without cutting your hand open.

Keep screws organized

If you are taking something apart do not lose track of which screw or tiny part goes where. All you need to do is fold up a piece of paper into slots and then label the slots. Place screws in the labeled area and you will never lose track of what screw goes where again. Simple, cheap and easy to do even on the run.

These are just a few of the inexpensive and easy solutions to staying organized and getting things done. Do not waste your time and energy fruitlessly. Instead stay on top of things and have more time to do what you really want to do: blog!

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    Yes you are correct that bloggers have been busy throughout and simply don’t make up their time in organizing these things. So, maintaining a schedule would definitely be a great help for them and I also like the tips that you have shared. Definitely going to be a great help. Thanks for the share!!

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