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Seven Tricks to Become A Great Blogger

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The main reason why companies do not start a blog is because they fear they do not know how to manage. “I can not write”, has a thing for young people, are the most common excuses I hear. But the truth is that with the seven tips that you’re about to read you will have no difficulty to optimally manage your blog.

Already an expert in your field

If you are doing a job means that you have the qualifications to do so. Every day you put your knowledge to good use to carry out your duties. Or do you have the knowledge derived from the study of a hobby or a subject you’re passionate about. Not only that, but you are not because an academic knowledge: it is the result of your experience, your unique experience gained over time. And the world needs to know that only you know. Transfer your knowledge in a text written in a language nonchalant as if you were talking to a friend and you will succeed.

Do not block yourself from what you do not know

If at some point you do not know what to write because you have reached a dead end then do not stop. It is not essential that you know ‘everything about everything’ every time you start a post. There are search engines to help you fill your gaps. Indeed, a gap often leads you to do research that will increase your knowledge in a particular field and with it you will have other ideas for new posts.

The quality post does not actually have to be long

Many writers count the words of the articles they write, obsessed with the beats of ‘piece’ that have just produced. But you do not worry about it. Your posts will be brief. The important thing is that the quality of their content is high. Indeed, it is better to write post short but full of content, which stain a river of words that no one will ever read. The web loves speed, people want to find immediately what you are looking for.So: hooray for brevity!

And if I do not write?

The “data visualization” is a new material that deals with show – in terms of graphics – the content of a given topic. Maybe you already know the ‘concept maps’ of Novak or maybe not, but sometimes express a concept through a map or a video uploaded on YouTube will offer you the advantage of transmitting quality information without even having to write an entire article.

Alternatively written content with visual representations will allow you to attract those visitors who have neither the desire nor the time to read an entire post. These just a quick glance to the image you have inserted to learn the concepts that you wanted to convey. Beautiful, is not it?

Discover the hidden material!

Yesterday, going up in the attic, I found a brown leather bag that I did not remember to have. And today I went to the office with a new accessory. Understand what I mean? In your head, in your store, including old newspapers or in your pc there is a lot of material that could become a topic for your blog. And maybe you’re not even aware of. Do a search, take an hour to reflect, go get the notes taken during a course of training or pulls out a project he had worked years ago. You’ve just discovered a treasure trove of content for your next 74 articles …

You are not Shakespeare! It does not matter …

Writing for the web does not mean having grammatically flawless English. So do not worry if the subjects in school were not your forte. Indeed, who were good in English often is a bad web writer because of the obsession with form. You write to communicate knowledge, not to write a piece of poetry. The reader is interested in the content that you express, not to the form with which you do it. Indeed, more loose and natural is your writing, the more interesting it will be.

There are also experts in grammar

If you have doubts about the ability to write in correct English, do not let stop. Throw down your draft and simply read and correct leak from a friend or a co-worker getting offered a help. Or use the rule of the day: return to your bed and rest, after a moment keep calm and think. You will be easier to find and correct errors.

5 Writing mistakes to be Avoided While Writing for the Web

  • Use of Jargon: Always remember that there is no place for company jargon on your website. Use of jargon makes web content difficult to read and also, throwing unfamiliar phrases around can make your clients and prospects feel dumb.
  • Using Inconsistent Voices: Although having one person to write all of the content for a website can take a lot of time, but sometimes it is much safer than having multiple people write the content. And if you have different people to write web content, make sure that one person is in charge of going in and editing with a unified voice.
  • Writing for Search Engines: Search engine optimization is very important for generating new leads online, but it should not be your main focus. You have to write your web content for the user, not for the search engine. Try to find a balance between SEO and speaking to the consumer.
  • Forgetting Keywords: Some writers become so engrossed in what they are writing that they skip over the step of determining and utilizing targeted keywords. But, if you want to get found for your services in search engines, you have to identify those keywords and use them strategically in your content.
  • Not Consulting a Second Person for Proofreading: One of the worst mistakes a writer can make is not proof-reading their content. We can make silly grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in content writing that often go unnoticed by spell check. Therefore, it is important that you proofread everything you write. You can consult another person to do this task for you.
  • Now, you can start writing your web content. But, keep these mistakes in mind as you begin writing to avoid major issues at the end. If you need any help, don’t be afraid of asking. We would love to help you.

This article is contributed by Sam Clarks, SEO expert from eShine Marketing, Calgary. He manages growth marketing and inbound strategy for SMBs. His areas of writing include CRO, blogging, eCommerce analytics and Tech.

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