HTC Desire 600 New Arrival in HTC Family

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When HTC Desire came in 2010, it was considered to be the phenomenal device due to its amazing features. It was first of the devices with the display of AMOLED and was supported by third party developers. During the year, HTC Desire had gained popularity in smartphones due to which it take advantage and also launch some of its variants.


So, company is continuing its Desire legacy and has launched Desire 600. This is the newborn in the family of HTC Desire. One of the main things it has is the active dual SIM capability.

Surprised Outlook

HTC Desire has surprised in its outlook as it is not like the one in Desire family. Metal uni-body and sweet looks highlighted more in white colored handsets. It has front facing speakers which are in red accent mostly in white colored sets giving it a unique look. One of the traits that it inherent from its family is the control placement: back and home capacitive keys. Another trait is the app development and number of apps that the device can run. Camera lens is on the rear design of the handset along with the flash in rectangular window form along with striped embellishments. The volume rocker is located at the right of the set, on the bottom is micro USB having audio socket of 3.5mm along with power or sleep key located on the top. IR blaster was in HTC One but it is not in the HTC Desire 600. Pair of microSD and micro SIM slots is placed above the battery.

If you insert another SIM while having already the one then you need to reboot your set for making it active.  As far as the outer look is concerned it is of plastic but it doesn’t give you a cheap appeal as it looks quite good. HTC has the capability to play with materials, colors and embellishments in a way that customer just fall in love with the looks.


Therefore, the new design of the Desire 600 is impressive not only due to the looks but due to the affordability factor. It has all the functions any of the smartphones could have. Any of the favorite apps can be used like games, music, videos etc. While having the set in hands, it will not give a cheap look instead it will make you to stand out. Following the HTC norm, Desire 600 has all compelling features like 4.5 inch of super LCD display with a resolution of 540×960. This means it offers sharp graphics and text along with better color reproduction.

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