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Reasons to buy Apple Watch right now

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With Apple Inc. setting new benchmarks and milestones everyday, it is making the competition even more tough for its rivalries. Once with iPhone and now with iWatch or Apple Watch, Apple has always delivered its best.


Just before couple days, the company unveiled its all new watch at a special event. And just in case if you are confused to buy or not to buy Apple watch, I will give 5 super reasons to buy iWatch right now.

It is your everyday companion

For those who stay quite busy with frequent e-mails, phone calls and text messages, this gadget would perfectly fit to their needs. Sometimes its quite annoying to open up the phone every single time you hear a notification beep on your iPhone and especially when you are in a hurry. But now with this pretty little ‘wearable’ gadget, everything is about to change.

Apple watch reduces your phone usage time

Imagine yourself in jam packed metro where there’s no space for you to bring the phone out and attend the call. To your rescue, here’s a smart gadget. Attend the calls, read mails and text messages right from your watch. And it’s time saving too!

It is your style statement

Apple has always been known for making cool gadgets and the concept still continues. Apple watch looks quite impressive on the wrist and when you have a ‘smart watch‘ that not only shows you time but also let’s you do variety of tasks, there are not much reasons you should not go for it. You can do almost anything, you can even make your friends jealous with this elegant little device.


It makes your life simple

With Apple watch on your wrist, you can think of forgetting iPhone in your pocket. It also makes it easier for you to organize yourself. You can save that little extra time you always wanted for your self. A little more contribution Apple makes in making your life easy is by its Activity log which shows you how much you have been standing, moving and exercising throughout the day. And for those who think of burning extra calories, this feature is a blessing.

It makes SIRI more practical

It’s easy to speak to a watch than speaking to a smartphone in public. Speaking to your iPhone in public places might be awkward and can attract many eyes. And apple has a solution.

Apple has provide a simplistic and efficient interface for Siri to work on Apple watch.

And now when everything is said and done, Apple watch is a must have gadget for Apple fans out there.

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  1. hi.
    apple products have become the center of attraction to tech geeks now a days.
    and with the launch of apple watch everyone wants to get hands on them.
    the features you have explained that it provides is just cool.

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