Most Addictive Android Games That You Must Not Miss

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Android has changed the smartphone world by far. Apple was the one, who first launched the iPhone and introduced the iOS platform. But Google was not the one to stay back in the battle. They created the Android platform, which changed the world of smartphones. There always remains the android vs ios battle and there are lots of skepticism about the winner.

Now in this article, I have gathered some of the most addictive games available in the Android Market. So if you have an Android powered device, then you must get yours hands on these games.

Cut The Rope

Cut the rope is a physics based puzzle game. The objective of this game is simple enough. All you need to do is feed a green coloured cartoon monster named “Om Nemo” with the candy hanging down the ropes. You need to swipe your finger to cut down the ropes and let the candy fall in the frog’s mouth.

Though the objective seems to be simple, yet achieving this objective is not that easy. There are spikes, electric shocks everywhere, but there are bubbles and suckers too to help you get the candy to the frogs mouth. In one word, this is one of the most addictive games in the android market, that you should not miss by any chance.

There are lots of levels, each one being more challenging and interesting than the other ones. Moreover, apart from feeding the candy to the frog, you also need to collect as many stars as possible. Each and every level has the possibility to collect maximum 3 stars. You need to try your best to collect all of the stars in all levels. The more stars you collect, the more levels you can unlock.

Angry Birds Space

You must be a big Angry Birds fan before even reading this article. But this installment of the Angry Birds series, makes a remarkable leap. In this edition, the angry birds are now out in space to hit the dirty pigs. The mechanics of the game are almost similar to the prior installments. All you need to do, is project the birds to hit the sleeping pigs..

But this time, the thrill is a bit more than the previous versions as each of the celestial body have their own gravitational fields and each of them have their own intensity. So, the trajectory of the birds will get changed because of these varying field intensities. So, before projecting the birds, you need to pre-think about their trajectory to hit the bullseye.

The graphics of the game have also been improved. It also has a HD version of the game for the tablets, which looks really stunning. So, if you are an Angry Birds fan, then this game is a must play.

Grand Theft Auto III

After a long wait, the most addictive and most played game of the PCs and the consoles is now available for the Android devices. Nothing has been changed from the console version of GTA 3. Everything is same, as the game has just been ported to the android platform. The graphics of the game is also same as that we saw in the consoles.

The entire Liberty City is in your fingertips now. You can do anything you want to do in this city, as the Liberty City has got no rules for you. The cops are always eager to catch you if you break the rules even a bit, but escaping them is the most thrilling part.. The touch controls are not at all difficult. Intelligent placements of the touch buttons have made the game easy and interesting to play.

So, without waiting for anything, just go and buy this game from the Android Market and start enjoying countless hours of awesome gameplay.

Please feel free to share your experience in playing these games. Or did you find any other addictive game for the Android devices, do share that with us too.

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  1. I have been addicted playing angry birds. But GTA is one of my favorite and been playing it in PC and Playstation also. Thanks for sharing this over.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation too…

  2. GTA brilliant and very addictive. I’m addicted to spider solitarie at the moment as well. It’s a classic!!

    1. But both are of completely different genres.

  3. Yeah, me too…

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