VPS Hosting & Dedicated Hosting – What is the Difference?

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It could be a matter of great predicament before you can decide what kind of server you need to us for your own website. These days the internet can show you myriad options to choose from. Each one of them will have similar basic features and they will appear equally attractive. Most will also claim that they are the best suited for your specific needs. What you need to do is analyze the requirements of your enterprise to make a well-informed decision. This could be your most crucial business decision.


Presented below are a few hints to make you understand the basic differences between two types of servers used for web hosting – the dedicated server and the VPS server:

VPS Server

VPS is a virtual private server. VPS is normally the server of choice for those people who are planning to launch a small to medium-sized business. For this, you need a dedicated IP address where there is admin access in addition to further services. With VPS, the advantage you enjoy is that you will not have to suffer from having sluggish traffic contributed by activities from other sites. The latter is very often the case with other traditional web hosting accounts. You will be in a position to offer speedy loading time for all pages to people visiting your site. Here you get more RAM and CPU than conventional old-fashioned web hosting venues. Your experience with VPS will be similar to when you end up owning a specific amount of space allotted to you in an office setting.

Dedicated Server

Here you find the right atmosphere and tools that a large, widespread business venture demands. By the time you realize you have begun to outgrow VPS, a dedicated web hosting server stands before you as your answer. A dedicated server will come at a higher cost as compared to VPS. This being said, the advantages are abundant. It more than makes up for the added cost you incur. By means of a dedicated server, you will be in a position to present your business’s professional look with every click on your site. You no longer run the risk of losing business and thus revenue just because a script does not load timely. You can also avoid the wrath of complaining clients and visitors about your website being down. Using a dedicated server, you can actually host many different websites at the same time. Once there is a dedicated server, web designers are able to instantly access client sites on it if they have to request a change, rectify an issue or resolve a problem.

So ultimately, it boils down to your being able to pick either of these servers depending on the estimated size of your trade that you are planning to commence. Give a close and balanced thought to your business magnitude and how much growth you foresee based on your resource allocation and utilization. The kind of experience your website visitor has will also count. If your site slows down, it will hamper your business directly. So make sure you carry out a check on these parameters before you are able to decide whether you need the service of only a VPS web hosting (interesting to know is that the Danish term is webhotel) provider or a full-fledged dedicated server. Keeping your business goals in mind is of essence.

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