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The 7 Habits That’ll Make You a Rockstar Pro Gamer!

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So you want to be a professional gamer huh? If you answered yes, then you’re definitely in the right place! The thing is, simply enjoying the game and “wanting” to become a professional gamer won’t take you a long way if you want to TRULY become a pro gamer. There are habits that you need to acquire and internalize within you.


These habits are what separates the men from boys and if you want to be the best there is, then you should definitely take the time to learn and internalize these.

Without further adieu, here are the 7 habits that you need to acquire to become a ROCKSTAR pro gamer!

Discipline to practice

This is usually what differentiates those who are TRULY serious in becoming a pro gamer versus those who only say it but aren’t really that committed to what they want.

If you aren’t in the know, you’ll probably think that these pro gamers just sit down, play their games, quit when they’re tired, go out with friends (among many others) and do the same thing over again the next day.

They can never be further from the truth!

Real pro gamers take the time to practice pushing themselves to the utmost of their limits. They do not simply stop the moment they feel a bit tired. They exert extra effort to stay and practice even if they’re sick, have other commitments, or even if they do not want to practice.

Simply but, they have the dedication and discipline to practice.

They remember that they are a pro gamer day in and day out.

It’s because of this mindset that they are able to come-up with strategies and techniques that they can apply in the game even if they’re doing something else.

Because they live and breathe gaming, they tend to relate their day to day activities to the games where they are then able to create inspirations on what they need to do on the game based on their day to day activities.

This gives them an edge over the other gamers because their ideas and strategies are coming from out of the box ideas.

Study the nitty gritty aspects of the game

The more you know, the more option you’ll have. And the more option you have, the more strategic you become when playing.

A good example is learning all the best tricks and tips for Candy Crush. Can you imagine the kind of advantage you’ll get with this kind knowledge? You’ll surely be able to outclass your opponent in EVERY game!

I guess I don’t have to tell you that strategy can play a HUGE factor when it comes to winning games (let alone life).

Take the time to study the habits of your opponents

Just like how boxers take the time to watch the video of their opponent’s previous fights, so does the pro gamers.

This allows them to study the habits of their upcoming opponent. As an example, in the game of Starcraft, if you already know your opponents habits, you’ll realize how/where they send their SCV’s when scouting the enemy’s location at the start of the game.

Do they scout left, right, or diagonal. This kind of information is critical in winning a game because it also gives their location off.

Honing their personality and branding/marketability

This one isn’t gaming related but this talks about the gamer as a professional. If you want to attract more sponsors and business, you need to hone your personality and increase your marketability.

Let’s face it, one of the best things that you get as a pro gamer is being paid while playing. If you aren’t paid then you probably aren’t a professional gamer right?

That said, you need to try your best to attract some sponsors so you’ll get more exposure and business.

I hope that at this point, you already realize that pro gamers isn’t just all about fun. It’s a profession!

Bond with like minded people (live and breathe gaming)

The more you bond with like minded people, the more you learn and have the right mindset.

This is especially important because the lessons you’ll learn from other gamers can win you games and give you the edge that need to succeed in the industry.

Enjoy playing the game

It’s as it says! Enjoy the game, like what you’re doing, LOVE IT!

The more you love the game, the easier it becomes for you to be a pro gamer.

These tips (if you act on them) will help make you an awesome pro gamer! Remember that being a pro gamer JUST all fun. It requires, discipline, the right mindset and commitment. If you’re truly serious in becoming a rockstar pro gamer, then you’ll live and breathe this habits.

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