Technological Facts About ISDN

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Integrated Services Digital Network or ISDN is a digital telephone service that enables transmission of voice, data, and video between locations.  It is a latest technological advancement in comparison to the normal copper wire telephony.  It is much more accurate and fast and replaces the analog services with digital transmission.

These ISDN transmission channels are available in two types of digital configurations, namely Basic Rate Interface (BRI) and Primary Rate Interface (PRI).  The ISDN-BRI service is suitable for homes and small businesses that do not require huge transmission of data.  It serves the purpose for basic Internet browsing and communication channel.   The speed of transmission is slower in comparison to the other option of ISDN-PRI.  However these are used in large organizations that have huge data transmission needs and communications.

The benefits of ISDN transmission are plenty and have changed the world’s outlook to Internet usage.  It supports not only Internet access but video conferencing and small scale networking too.

Today’s world involves a lot of Internet usage.  ISDN-PRI Internet connection has made it very economical for large organizations that require a lot of data transmission.  High efficiency has in turn increased the efficiency of the jobs undertaken.  It is suitable for businesses dealing with web hosting, call center operations, LAN-to-LAN connections.  Thanks to faster speed, communication within and between organizations has improved.  Its impact is directly visible in the work culture of the modern day.  It is now not necessary to be at your desk for hours to complete tasks assigned at work.  It is possible to almost work from anywhere, where there is access to Internet.   A lot of corporate houses are saving even on their travel budget for executives.  Most of the work is done by video conferencing thus reducing travel costs.

It is not only business houses that have gained due to high quality ISDN Internet connections.  Every tech savvy individual is able to enjoy the benefits of this technology.  Multimedia downloads; games, music, videos and even movies are downloaded from the Internet.  It’s a digital world and high speed Internet is the need of the hour.  It is made affordable and accessible by ISDN transmission.

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