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Things to Consider before Buying a Toll Free number for your Business

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Choosing a perfect Toll-Free number is pretty much similar to choosing a catchy, smart and kick ass domain name. You wait for it, search for different ideas, keep the idea and business vision in mind and sometimes if someone is offering you the domain at the higher price you go ahead and buy it keeping the long term strategy in mind.


When it comes to purchasing a domain name, people invest tons and tons of dollars for buying a perfect domain name, according to business insider auction.com was sold for $1700,000 USD. This is indeed a huge amount for a domain name but as auction.com is a general keyword they can grab the business from around the world thus this investment was worth it keeping the long term ROI strategy in mind.

Buying a Toll-Free number is a little less pain because acquiring a number just to grab the place with the intention to resale it at a higher price is illegal according to FCC Sec. 52. 172 Hoarding but still there are number of other things that a business should consider before one should actually hit the order button.

Here are the following things that a business should consider before it actually finalized and other a toll-free number for the business.

Think Long Term:

Your attitude towards your business will allow your business to grow on a personal level and collectively as a team. Thinking long term is not really a choice but a need for any business to stay in the fast paced market.

Having a Toll-Free number from the day one is a long term investment as initially it may not add any value to your business but slowly as the company grows you can rule in to the mind of the people with the right kind of Toll Free number. 1800 Flowers is a perfect example for this as they added the number with the brand name and today after years their contact number is remembered by every 2nd person who know a little about flower industry.

Be Simple and Memorable

Even when you are picking up a name for your baby child you keep some common names in mind as well as some unique names, make a match of common and a unique one so that his name can stand out while being in the crowd.

Choosing a toll free number for your business is quite the same. You may have to spend a lot of time in the beginning but a right, simple and easy to remember Toll Free number will help your business grow far and wide which in the longer term can add value to the business and help the business increase its revenue.

There are multiple brands you know today which are only famous for their kick ass toll free numbers like 1800-Flowers, 888-Nationwide, 800-home-123. All the mentioned numbers are easy to remember and small branding can make people remember and share the number to others which can possibly help in over all leads ratio.

Be Relevant

Relevancy is another thing that matters the most to me. I mean what if you have a domain name called “example-homes.com” and your website offer Movie DVDs at cheap prices. This will instantly make me rethink about my decision to buy from your website.

Similar is the case with Toll Free numbers, you should have a number that says something about your business, this can be a brand name, any keyword that tells about your business, any number that you are famous for or something that makes it clear what your business is about just after having a look at your toll free number.

1800-Flowers only added a keyword that represents their business and today they come up with a company website with the toll free number. 800-home-123 did the same thing by adding a general keyword that says a lot about their business.

Don’t Copy

GO to any example and he will tell you not to copy and come up with your own domain name because of the fact that in the longer run this tactic will help the competitor and will hurt you instead of what your intentions and planning are.

Similar is the case with Toll-Free numbers. If someone comes up with the toll free number similar to 1800-Flower or 1800-floral it will more likely to hurt their brand in the longer run and at the same time it offers a possible value to the original holder as people will make sure twice that they are going to the right place instead of going for the fake one.

Don’t buy Bad Toll-Free numbers

Just don’t! Or else you will end-up losing your money and brand name instead of building it. The bad toll free number will increase a pain for your customers and if a customer has a choice some day he will more likely to leave you increase of giving a world of mouth about you.

What is a bad Toll-Free Number?

A million dollar question on time but unfortunately everyone has its own defiantly of a bad toll-free numbers but here are some of the points that declares the number as a bad toll-free number.

1. Difficult to Remember
2. Does not have any meaning of numbers
3. A toll free number with complex number combinations
4. Using a code other them 1800
5. Number that is pretty much similar to other famous number in the niche

Having a toll-free number is your branding need and it is really important for a business to spend some serious time on research and come up with a kick ass toll-free number that really hit the target market and you will soon see a certain level of word of mouth from your targeted audience.

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