10 Premium Quality Magento Plugins for Business Betterment

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For those striving hard to make their ecommerce business success, choosing a specific platform may be cumbersome. It takes a great deal of analysis and research to find the best platform that best suits your business. As there are many platforms out there to choose from, analyzing the features and security becomes the pivotal factor. A platform with admirable security and amazing expandable features is Magento. In fact, any web owner that plant to add a shopping cart to their websites will automatically choose magento as it caters incomprehensible security. In addition, the plugins for themes, security, video, shopping cart, etc. offered by magento are of supreme quality and capable enough to drive your website way ahead of your competitors quickly.


Here, I wish to list out 10 premium quality plugins for mangento websites on implementing which your website will be given a new dimension in the current market. Find some of the breathtaking plugins in this article to expand your website’s functionalities in a short span of time.

Here goes the list of the premium quality magento plugins.

Facebook Shopping Apps:

Facebook Shopping

With social media sites playing a crucial role in the improvement of online marketing and business, it becomes inevitable to connect the social media sites with your websites. It is a big bonus for any web owner, as it offers tremendous opportunity for all businesses to display varieties of products in front of millions of users effectively. Not only that, this particular plugin is capable of assisting you in setting up an online store in Facebook page with no fuzz. What else a business entrepreneur needs to sell his products!

MagentoConnect Manager:


Well, when it is proven that adding plugins to websites enhance the business prospects incredibly, adding too much of plugins could cause serious troubles sometimes. So, in order to manage all the plugins that have been implemented in the websites, it becomes vital to opt for a modules controller. MagentoConnect Manager fits to this purpose exceptionally well. With the aid of this powerful controller, managing all kinds of extensions in your site becomes surprisingly easy.

Google Content Api for Shopping:

Google Content

One of the popular and fantastic tools for improving businesses effortlessly. Everyone knows how important it is to index the list of products into the search engines to make your products easily searchable by users. Google Content Api for Shopping is an excellent choice for indexing your products in the Google search engine. You don’t have to manually submit the products in Google to make them indexed, as this tool automatically performs the job. Web owners could save enormous time on installing this wonderful plugin.

One-step Checkout:


A must have one for all shopping cart websites. One of the commonest factors that annoy the users to leave the shopping cart abruptly is the form filling. If your website shopping cart comprises more than 8 or 12 steps of form filling, no users will have the patience to buy your products. To overcome this issue, implementing One-step checkout is the right option. It cuts down numerous steps involved in the form filling to 1 for 3 steps to make it easier for the users.

Magento Easy Tabs:

Magento Easy Tabs

Adding information tabs to products pages won’t be a difficult task anymore with the help of the Magento Easy Tab plugins. Simple and easy to use plugin offers a pleasant shopping experience to users.

Help Desk Ultimate:

Help Desk Ultimate

If you are looking for a perfect customer care and support, then this module is exclusively for you. With an efficient case tracking and resolution system, it is proven to be one of the best plugins for Magento.

Ajax Cart Pro 3.0:

Ajax Cart

Page reload while adding products to the cart is one of the factors that irks most of the users. Using Ajax Cart Pro, the page reloading is completely eliminated and the products are added to the cart instantly.



Meta robots play a vital role in the business improvement as well as SEO. So, it becomes necessary to control them effectively for a better performance from the website. The ideal way to perform this task is by installing this Yoast_MetaRobots plugin.

Direct Resize:

Direct Resize

Image handling is of paramount importance when it comes to ecommerce websites. To enhance the visibility of the site adding images of sheer quality becomes inevitable. But, most of the times, altering the height and size of the images creates plenty of issues and ruins the visibility. On adding this module, resizing of images becomes absolutely easy.

Ticketing System:

Ticketing System

Providing constant support to the customer queries is the best way to build trust with them. When it comes to answering queries, tracking the queries properly becomes too difficult often. So, on installing this innovative Ticketing System plugin in your website, handling the customer queries and tracking them becomes absolutely easy.

Hope, all the information provided in this article is useful for many business entrepreneurs. Make use of the Magento plugins discussed in this article for the betterment of your online ecommerce business.

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