A Closer Look at IP Address

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The IP address is one of the most widely used in networks today, but there are a lot of facts about it that are not understood.


Since not understanding basic facts can lead to all sorts of problems and even network disruptions, it pays to know as much about it as possible.

Some Facts about IP Addresses

What makes this IP address different is that it is private, distinct from the usual IP addresses that you see on the web. This particular address can be found in the to range. While there are many addresses like it, this one does have some unique properties which are the reasons why a lot of manufacturers like to use it for their router settings.

It must also be pointed out that this address can be applied to different types of computer networks even at the same time. Furthermore, it has a lot of features that make it useful for a lot of systems. But it must also be said that this IP address and others like it need to use the Network Address Translation for it to work.

Setting up the IP Address

Because is used in many routers like LinkSys and other manufacturers, it becomes easy to see why you will encounter this number more often than not. If you look at your router manual, chances are it is this number that serves as its homepage.

Even if your system uses another address other than this for starting up, it is possible to change the settings so that this is the one that it will use for the homepage. In certain cases though this IP address does need to be changed since you cannot use multiple devices on a single network with the same default IP address. If you do this, all sorts of problems can arise. If you know that this problem can occur, it is best if you change the settings early on so no problem takes place.

Other Information

This IP address is also defined by the RFC (Request for Comments) as one of those addresses that users utilize in a private manner, that is, they use the Internet in their private home network. This is really just one of the many addresses in this range such as to and to and so on.

For these addresses to be identified, the RFC will point to the following: to as 16-bit block, to as 16-bit block and to as 24-bit block.

The RFC also makes it possible for many commercial enterprises to use these IP addresses that are not part of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority and even if they do not belong to the sets that were listed earlier. While this is possible, commercial establishments are encouraged to get the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority approval first.

Furthermore, it must be emphasized that commercial establishments gain access to private addresses as failing to do so might lead to all sorts of problems with the network. For this reason, understanding of the facts is absolutely essential.

Knowing the facts about IP address, and the amount of time needed to study them, does not require a lot from you. Furthermore, the info you learn can prove very useful as you manage your router settings.

There are many IP addresses used by routers but few are as common as and few are as essential as this one. Aside from being used on routers, it is also an integral part of many networks.

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  1. is one of the most popular IP addresses, but soon it will be replaced by the IPv6 version. There will be more unique local IPv6 addresses so it’s interesting to see how the most popular IPv6 address will look. The IPv6 value for is 0:0:0:0:0:ffff:c0a8:101 (or ::ffff:c0a8:101).

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