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Generating Business Leads Using ‘Videos’

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Information which may seem complex in text may be easy to comprehend when they are images and still the easier, when in the form of a video. As they say, a video can massively establish a rapport with the viewers and explain the concept with precision and high levels of understanding. And when it comes to marketing, the use of videos has their own array of benefits and perks.


Though, it is a strategy still in its developing stage, the inclusion of product videos into your websites may very well assist in getting business leads and boost sales.

The Perks of Using Videos in Business and Product Promotion:

In the current scenario, majority of the marketing campaigns take place on social media platforms like social networking websites, blogs, forums and other video sharing websites. So, before we proceed to the “How to” Section, let’s understand some key benefits of using a video in a marketing campaign.

  •   Marketing a product using videos reaches a larger segment of the audience and caters the needs of those who tend to skip long paragraphs of texts.
  •  Though text and images play a fair role in engaging the viewers, the captivation with which the users watch a video is unparalleled. Furthermore, the combination of moving visuals and sounds offer a better understanding to the viewers.
  •   Establishes a strong trust about your product to the viewers.
  •   If filmed properly, it can go viral and generate huge returns.
  •   Offers more information within a short span of time.

How to Generate Business Leads Using Videos:

Now, that we have understood the potential of videos, let’s go a step further and check out the ways with which we can use them to our favor.

Film a video which is perfect from all angles:

Since, the video is going to represent our brand and going to speak to the potential customers or leads on our behalf, it is essential that we film the product video that is perfect and with zero flaws. The video should explain to the viewers what it does, its uses and how it can benefit if purchased and utilized. You can even film the video in the perception of different age groups to attract every segment of the audience. Also, avoid filming lengthy videos and try to be crisp and precise.

To High-Def or not to High-Def:

Another important aspect of video marketing is the video quality. A video shot using HD cameras and in High Definition qualities offer great viewing experiences, but generally take some time to upload and buffer. Remember that the visitors who click on the thumbnail preview of your video are eager to watch your video and it is not just from our side to make them wait with lengthy buffer time. So, upload a video that has a decent quality and that can be clearly understood by anyone and everyone.

The Title:

The title that you give to the video plays a major role in compelling the users to watch. The title must be relevant to the concept of your video and must be in co-ordination with the products that you are promoting. Also, make sure that the titles are rich in keyword, so that they are found in search engine results.

Create a Channel for yourself on video sharing sites:

There are a plenty of video sharing websites on the internet that offer free membership plans. Once a member, the users can upload their videos and allow them to go live. So, pick a video sharing website that has a massive reach such as YouTube, Vimeo and the likes. Now create a channel in the websites so that you can begin uploading the videos. These channels act as a profile page for your brand and display information that you feed such as the name of the brand, about the uploader, a range of communication options such as sharing, emails, and subscription services and links to every video that you upload. This will take your brand to the further levels and will also ease off video management tasks.

Be Consistent:

Since our brands are on a battlefield against various competitors with the same intention, it is necessary that we upload videos on a regular schedule. Even a failure of one single instance can lead to the success of the competitor. So, be consistent and prove your presence over and over again to the viewers.

Using videos is one of the easiest ways to generate leads for a business. But, the success lies on how we execute and implement them. So, start filming videos about your products and brand, follow the above mentioned strategies and witness the leads getting generated, though not instantly but definitely.

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