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Should You Get a Laptop, Tablet, or Desktop Computer?

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There are so many ways to consume your internet these days that sometimes people pick the wrong ones, and this can be extremely debilitating if you are running on a budget. This is why every purchase you make is supposed to be an informed choice you have planned out ahead of time, based on many financial advice givers.


This is no different when it comes to electronics as well, in fact it is crucial. If you just go into some electronic store and browse around trying to find the perfect computer chances are your choice will be influenced by a store clerk or someone you know heavily, rather than what you need and want.

So let’s look at some of the things you should pay attention to when you are shopping for that new internet capable device.


The first and loudest thing often lauded about a laptop is that it is obviously portable. Years back when they were first introduced this was a huge change, but today everyone expects most of their devices to be portable or at least offer a portable version. So yes, the laptop is definitely best the desktop if all you are looking for is portability, but the tablet is even more portable if that’s all you want. In fact if you really wanted to push it, your smart phone will be the most portable. But if you are aiming for a full functioning keyboard a laptop is your best option still, even if there are keyboards you can plug into your tablet, it is another separate thing to carry around.


There is no contest when it comes down to hardware, you won’t find a better product than the desktop in terms of capabilities… to a degree. If your budget is only a couple hundred dollars, chances are getting a tablet might actually be better than a desktop, because the desktop you are bound to get would be a bit older. That doesn’t mean you can’t go with a refurbished computer though, which can get you brand new computers for cheaper. The key here really comes down to whether you want to be able to manipulate the hardware and what you plan to do with the device. Laptops and Tablets are both going to be a ‘you get what you get’ type, with a very difficult time in changing any one component to be something else. Desktops instead tend to offer a way of changing out just the video card if you need to, or replacing the fan.


Your features are more of an odd area where there can’t ever really be one winner because they come down to things that are personal. These include things like whether you want a touch screen or a keyboard interface, or how big your screen is going to be, or what kind of battery life you will be dealing with. These features are really your final crucial area when determining the device you are looking for, as it can really incorporate all the small things, like whether you use a mouse or a touch screen or a touchpad. And even the bigger things like if you want access to certain applications (which should also determine the brand of device you want).

Regardless of how you want to make your decision the important part is to consider it ahead of time and really think about what you want, especially beyond just what type of device you want, but also what parts you are looking for. Thinking about these three areas will also get you thinking about exactly the kind of computer or tablet you want as well. And best of all, is that this is a simple checklist.

3 thoughts on “Should You Get a Laptop, Tablet, or Desktop Computer?

  1. For flexibility and portability, I would go for a laptop especially with the kind of work I have. I write most of the time even when travelling so a laptop would be most convenient for me.

  2. Everything that runs on a battery will never be as powerful as something that’s plugged into an electrical outlet. Desktop computer’s will always be a winner except for mobility.

  3. in my point of view laptop is best one as compared to other…….

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