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5 Factors To Consider In Ranking

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The grading factors have been voted the greatest importance in a voting system of voting that was completed by SEO experts recognized.

Many of us already know that Google consider some 200 ranking factors it takes into consideration when viewing a Web site in the SERPS. If only we knew what it was then we would be able to focus our attention in the right direction.

  • Use Your Keywords As Anchor Text On External Links

73% of the survey results showed that it is the most important factor. I always knew that the use of your keywords as anchor text is important, but I did not know that so many other SEO experts estimated that it is so important.

Note that for any SEO strategy, you must do it naturally. If you intend to use the same anchor text over and over again then it will look too spammy to Google. Vary your anchor text and use a structure LSI (Latent Semantic indexing) for the optimization of your site overall.

  • The Popularity Of External Links

This has been voted as the second most important factor in ranking. Your link popularity is the amount and quality of backlinks. I would say that the quality of links is important, then the quantity, but do not bet only 2 or 3 quality backlinks. Get in as much as possible and made a mix between quality and quantity always avoiding spammy sites.

  • Sources Of Diversity Links

This has been voted as the 3rd most important factor. It is a very important factor which must deal with. It is not good to have backlinks only from directory or review blog – you really need to diversify your sources. Many sites use the guest blogging – sites of high authorities (Blogspot / Squidoo) – offers rss – blog comments and the many areas where you can get backlinks.

If, tomorrow, Google turns and devalues a method of backlink, it could hurt your ranking if you have based on a one or two methods ofย  backlinking. Do not put all your eggs in one basket!

  • Use Your Keywords In The Title Tag

It was voted as the 4th most important ranking factor. The Title tag is a very important area for the optimization of your site. This tag appears in the SERPS and it also helps the robots to understand what is the subject of your site. If you have not spent much time on the optimization of your internal site, then it is an area I advise you to concentrate.

  • Reliability Of Domain

This was the most important factor in 5th position. It’s not very clear on what makes a domain is trusted, however, trust that Google looks at your site can get a better ranking.

There are many factors that contribute to making your trusted domain – such as age of the domain. An old field, with a great chance not to be a spammy site, in the eyes of Google. So Get backlinks from trusted sites with a high page rank. These sites have already won their trust and if they link to you, then Google will give more confidence to your site.

There are many other ranking factors. I have cited only the top 5 in order of importance. I have not built the order in which they are, but they were voted in that order of importance.

Please note that the concentration on the above factors alone will not guarantee you a high rank as many other factors are also taken into consideration. As we said above, about 200 other factors exist in total.

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17 thoughts on “5 Factors To Consider In Ranking

  1. Ranking higher in SERP is great and you will always greeted whenever you have ranked high on search engine.
    Using of keywords and anchor text is necessary to higher rankings

  2. One thing which I have seen people missed the most if using Anchor text.. Which Google made it clear, that it helps a lot in better ranking.. Specially you are trying to target yourself for particular
    Domain authority is another thing which takes time but once it happens, it’s easy to get good ranking.. !!
    Nice post Isha….

    1. I certainly agree with you Harsh. BTW, your link has been stolen by Feedburner mate. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. All the points you have covered are very much importing.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  4. also use tags.

  5. Anchored text is really important factor…I knew it but I always neglected it…BTW great share….and well explained too.

  6. Really very important points…..each and every blogger should have this in mind….i have PR 0 blog and I am also working on these areas…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing

  7. Hi Isha,

    I think that those who voted knew what Google is all about.

    Knowing where and how to use popular website to get links, using the right anchor are definitely some of the key factors when building links.

    Also having “Sources Of Diversity Links” is not only great from a SEO point of view, but for minimizing the risk of losing all your links. Imagine having 1000 links from a website, ranking number 1 for your keyword then that website closes/changes etc. You lose everything because you put all your eggs in one basket!

  8. Hey Isha
    Good Work in pointing out the all the important factors..Specially link building and the use of meta tags are most significant..Quality links are important and Google pr is one criteria that evaluates this..

  9. awesome post ! i dint give much concern about anchor tags yet . thanks man ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Great share. Content, meta tas, and link building. Start to make link building now.

  11. The Popularity of external links has a lot of impact on google rankings

  12. Keywords must be used carefully in title tag as well as in post area. One should also take care of keyword density in the post. You have mentioned some great points here.

  13. Anchor Texts were considered as most important aspect in SEO which is one of the mandatory thing that every blogger must get used to.

    Sites like Squidoo, Ezinearticles, Hubpages worth a lot for those who were expecting the best rankings, I haven’t tried the blogspot yet.

    Great Post isha. Nice and Clean Compilating.

  14. Great post. Thanks for sharing this great tips.

  15. Above all the factors are very important to improve your website rankings in search engines. H1 to H6 and ALT tags also important.

  16. It is important that backlink should be from quality website and from various sources. This will helps to better ranking in search engine.

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