Utilizing Creative Commons

Pictures, graphics, and videos have the ability to make or break a blog post. Let’s be honest, posts with a lot of text and no graphics can come across as, well, boring. So what do you do when you need something to spice up an ordinary post, but don’t have your own graphics or pictures […]

How to Secure Your VOIP Communications

VOIP calling allows us to take measures to secure our communications previously unavailable with standard telephone calls. This article looks at some of the best strategies anyone can employ to keep unwanted invasion at bay. VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is fast becoming the business communication standard for both office and business mobile calls and […]

Tips To Avoid Receiving Spam

It is difficult to find those who use the mail today and not already heard of spammers. If you are one of the lucky ones who never was presented to spam, Know that this is the term for which is commonly known sending mass email messages, usually with advertising imprint (but not exclusively). The spam […]

Protect Blog From Spam

The platform WordPress is widely used on the Internet, and therefore it is important to learn about the techniques of SEO that can be applied and also how to avoid some problems such as spam. Spam Spam is a problem, and is disseminated through email, blogs and websites, making the user lose interest in visiting […]

How To Protect Images Online

There are many tricks designed to prevent copying of  images from website, but none is sufficient to prevent someone from copying them. Protected by more than one image may seem, there is always a security question mark! Most can prevent copying using disabling right-hand mouse, but does not prevent a printscreen also, the user can […]

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