Is Online Storage of Data Safe?

If you are keen on creating an online backup for your data, it would surely be one of the most preferred storage mechanisms to employ. However, considering that your data would be a part of a wide network accessed by millions, there would be a couple of concerns to deal with. First, you would need […]

Free Automatic MySQL Database Backup

Manual MySQL Database backup may take lot of time. To get automatic backup there are several plugins which you have to install and in return they cluster your database tables. There are also few websites which offer same service in return of some dollars. Without using plugins and losing money you can backup your local Database with the help of […]

Internet Security Tips for Businesses

The internet is a valuable source of communication and information facilities for many businesses. However, despite all its benefits, there are also dangers which are associated with the internet. The following are some of the main threats to internet security. Spyware Spyware includes pop up ads, key loggers, adware, Trojans and modified cookies. It is […]

Escrow for Safe and Secure Transactions

A majority of people in whichever country they reside, use the internet and make payment online. Using online services is indeed another technological advancement that allows you to complete your payments sitting at home at any time round the clock. The popularly used payment services are bank transfer, Paypal and Moneybookers. Although it is an […]

Services to Backup Your Data on Cloud

There are many websites to store your files on the Internet, each with its purpose. Free hosting servers can be used to level almost anything, although this is not your goal. However, other sites are much more specific, such as YouTube, Where we can store videos, and the Picasa, Facing photos. But there are those […]

Avoid Your Site From Being Infected By Malware

People using Firefox even Google Chrome, Has surely got the message that the site you were getting was infected by malware or security risk. Surely you thought it strange and was afraid to return from the site. Now, imagine if this were your site? What you would not do to damage your visits and consequently […]

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