Top 4 features of Apple iOS 8

WWDC which stand for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is going to reveal all the surprises which Apple never throw before this. The Senior Vice President of company Eddy Cue had that statement before that this year Apple is going to give some extreme amazement through its products which will be by far the best in […]

Apple Iphone 6 vs Apple iPhone 5s

Apple who is very popular smartphone maker has only focused one series of smartphone and has been very successful as compared to other smartphone makers. Apple’s iphone has been a premium smartphone irrespective of any model which  was launched. Last year Apple launched iPhone 5S, this smartphone created a lot of sensation in the mobile […]

Apple’s First Step towards Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics is very important to understand how audiences react to any app on your phone, or to know for what reasons do your audiences make use of a phone. Apple has completely understood the importance of analytics combined with social media, and this is probably the only reason why Apple has taken the […]

Best Poker Apps for iPhone

Games are in vogue!! Thanks to the modern device that bursts my stress and lets me enjoy my luck in betting. Aaha!! Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy betting but only as an enjoyment pack which is coming nowadays, in loads of poker games in my iPhone. I found it so interesting that I can’t […]

Create your Own Dock Menu using jQuery and CSS

The Dock could be called as one of the vital features of graphical user interface (GUI) of Mac operating system. It is also used in several Linux distributions and now you could even use them with a couple of windows operating systems as well. These are used to launch different apps and switch between several […]

Rumors about iPhone 6, Phablet and its Features – Infographic

For all the fans of Apple Gadgets, there is exciting news from the trusted sources. The news from South China Morning Post and Daewoo Securities confirm that two iPhone 6 models will be launched in September/October of this year. The revealed features of the latest Apple product are mentioned below: One of the two models […]

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