Tips and Tricks for Successful Guest Posting

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Everybody who is anybody on the internet world will tell you that search engine optimization is one of the most profitable professions you can choose. While some prefer to play with fire in the attempt to trick search engines, others prefer to focus on the ethical methods. Guest posting is one of them.


It is one of the most successful and most coherent methods of increasing online credibility. Nevertheless, it is not something that anyone can do, because it involves writing awesome articles, reaching out to bloggers, research and rejection. Here are a few actionable tips and techniques for structuring a guest post that will ensure that your content is accepted by fellow writers.

I actually consider that these steps should be taken with every post, because it will ensure better quality and increased chances of being indexed by SERPs. Nevertheless, here are a few things to consider.

  • The Title is the first thing that a potential visitor sees, so it should be something interesting. Moreover, if you want to pass the verification process that the host will conduct, you should come up with something unique. It is not difficult to grab the user’s attention, most writers simply forget to dedicate enough time to the title. Most of the times it can make it or break it for a blog, because titles are incredibly powerful call to actions. If you chose a boring headline, it will probably not attract many readers. Click-bait headlines that take advantage of the most controversial subjects are good discussion starters.
  • Approaching the Blogger is as important as writing the article itself. Don’t just use the same boring approach for every site that you find. Take some time to read the blog that you’d like to post on, address the owner directly, by name, tell him little things that you appreciate about the site and you will see that many doors will open for you.
  • The Content Itself is the most important part of your contribution, but it requires a nice presentation to actually be read. Obviously, there are many types of content you can make use of, but we will stick to written one for the moment. In case you didn’t know, the first paragraph in an article is the most important one, and it should include a short description of what will be found later in the text. The structure of the text is also an essential part of content creation. Journalists prefer inverted pyramids because it adapts well to blogs. In the invert pyramid, the information is put in a summary paragraph at the beginning, and the following paragraphs include detailed information on the subject. Anecdotal Leads are capable of setting scenes, or laying out the problems that the article will solve.
  • Last but not least, Keyword research should be considered because it will influence the traffic that the post will receive. Most times, bloggers support other bloggers, and if they see that you have taken the time to research keywords, as well as write a good piece, they may ask for your guest posting services on their blogs.

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