4 Free Websites to Send Fax

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Fax is also known as “telecopying”, in which the documents are scanned and sent to other user by transmitting it through telephone. Normally the telephones are connected to the printer which receives the document at the other end. In this process the original content is scanned via fax machine in which the image or text is processed by a single fixed graphic image, which is then transmitted into bitmaps so that the document could be transmitted via the phone. Whereas the receiving end again converts it into the coded image and takes the output of the same.


Although this was how fax used to work in the earlier days; in the modern internet world, there is an advanced version of the “ancient fax” known as Internet Fax. Through this, the users can send and receive the messages via their computer using their email ids. It only uses the service provider’s software. There are some fax websites which are highly capitalizing the market. Some of them are FaxZero, MyFax, FaxFree.com and Got Free Fax. Let’s see some of their features and functions;

Fax Zero

It allows you to send fax to any country without any cost. It is prominently being used by countries like the United States and Canada. They have partnered with Metro Hi Speed to provide this free service. All you need to do for sending free fax from their website is to fill the form along with your valid email id. After that you need to prepare the file to be “faxed” and attach the file to their website. Then, as soon as it is sent; there will be a confirmation mail sent to the email id which you provided earlier. For the final confirmation; you need to click on the confirmation URL sent to your email. As soon as it’s done your fax will be sent. The formats which are accepted in the website are .doc, .pdf, .odt, .png, .jpg and .xls; some other supported formats are .txt, .html, .bmp, .gif and so on. With this free service, you can fax a maximum of 3 pages along with one cover page. They allow up to 5 free faxes every day.

My Fax

For sending free fax using “My Fax”, you need to create an account with MyFax in their website. There is no further requirement of any new hardware or software for using it. You can also use their service through their iPhone app. You can send up to 8 documents in a single fax with the attachments. It includes around 178 formats some of the common formats are .doc, .pdf, .xls etc. The faxes which are sent through them are encrypted through SSL secure server and there is no interaction (or interference) of any person. Also, the receiver doesn’t need to have their systems switched on as the faxes are stored in the receiver’s inbox.


This website is linked to clicktofax.com. The formats which are supported by the site are image files like .jpg, .png, .gif and .tif along with adobe formats, Microsoft word files, printer format files, internet files and text Files. They offer a 30 days free trial offer which can be conveniently used for your short term purpose. If you are still interested in their service after the end of free trial period, you can order the fax plan which you wish for.

Got Free Fax

This website supports to send fax to around 200 countries along with some specific regions. They also send faxes to USA (continental 48 states). The formats which they support are .pdf, .doc, .txt and rich text format. They accept PayPal in-case someone wants to use their full options for sending fax. They keep the file for 5 days in their system and then delete the document.

Internet Fax has now been widely used with many options hovering around us. The best option depends on the requirement of the individual and the group of people who are going to use. Using fax through the internet is not only convenient but also uses less space in your work station as you don’t require an extra machine to perform this function. Although, there are many companies or places where the digital signed documents don’t work and you need to send the fax documents through an actual fax machine.

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