Top Tips to help you fight against a DDoS attack effectively

DDoS, which is short for Distributed Denial of Services is a very common attack that can leave your system damaged for good. It usually occurs when a Trojan responsible for harming a series of systems aims at an individual system, resulting in the system being damaged indefinitely. This can occur especially when you offer hosting […]

4 Android Apps You Should Have

Mobile phones are gadgets that a lot of people cannot live without. Back in the day, people got so attached to their mobile phones because they want to be within reach at all times. Nowadays, it has proven to be more than a communication tool for most people. It is now a source of entertainment […]

The 3 “Miss-and-hit” Tactics in Online Marketing

The creation of the worldwide web has changed the way people connect, interact, and transact. While advertising and marketing entirely relied on television, radio and print media 3 decades ago, businesses these days have expanded to the virtual world. Local, national or international, small-scale or large-scale the business may be, anyone can reach potential customers […]

Organic Traffic or Paid Traffic – What is Better and More Profitable

As more and more people discover the potential of the internet when it comes to driving in sales to their business, the competition online is also becoming tougher. Many internet businesses are now taking interest to buy website traffic for promotion and are employing different methods to drive in more website visitors to their site. […]

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