Guarding Feverish Computers – Monitor CPU Temperature Like a Doctor

Computers produce a pretty good amount of heat when they are running at optimal speed. Older computers on the other hand produce more heat and they require users to monitor CPU temperature levels. Keeping an eye on feverish computers will ensure that you save money on power consumption, lengthens your computer’s service life, and keeps […]

How to Stream Audio

Sitting at in front of a computer is usually not the most comfortable way to enjoy any music stored on the hard drive of a desktop or laptop computer. Laptop speakers are often very small, often described as being too “tiny”, and rarely provide good sound quality; employing wired headphones create problems as well as […]

How to Get Ringtones

A ringtone is the sound that the phone makes whenever the phone is ringing. Landlines normally have a default ringtone. Cell phones on the other hand, are more sophisticated and technologically advanced. They have more ringtones and options to customize ringtones to suit your preferences. Ringtones have evolved from basic sounds, to polyphonic tones and […]

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