5 World Biggest Mistakes

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Everyday we make some mistakes, it may be intensionally or accidentally. Some are big and some may be small one. Some are impulsive and some are unmovable.  Here are some of the biggest mistakes on internet.

Mistake By Web Father

Tim Berners-Lee, father of the WWW, admitted that he regretted having included the two diagonal bars in web addresses. Are unnecessary characters that confuse, he said.

Mistake By Yahoo

Firstly the lack of vision of the CEO of Yahoo, Terry Semel Which met in 2001 with Larry Page and Sergey Brin intended to buy the company. The founders of Google have requested five million dollars, but Semel said he did not value.

Mistake By Google

Of course Google make mistake, because in 2005, according to Rupert Murdoch, Google could have bought MySpace for $ 290 million, but decided not to do it. Three months later, the News of Murdoch bought the social networking site for $ 580 million, double what Google would have paid.

Mistake By AOL

In 2006, the telecommunications company released AOL search data of 650,000 users. The information was supposedly anonymous, but hackers found a way to deduce who were the people doing the searches.

Mistake By Robert Morris

In November 1988, Robert Morris, a science student, created a program that, when introduced on the Internet, became the first computer virus and caused damage to more than 500,000 computers. Was judicially punished, but was released on parole.

Do you agree with the list or want to add some mistakes to the list??

8 thoughts on “5 World Biggest Mistakes

  1. Now we know the largest companies aren’t perfect. But, about google, I don’t see them not buying myspace as a big deal anyways, as now facebook has taken over.

  2. Nice research Isha.I liked how you use you favicon for styling post.

  3. Google could have also bought Twitter in early times, and they decided not to do.

    1. Ahh, that’s another big mistake by Goolge. Btw thanks for dropping a comment.

  4. Some good mistake collection.

    Thanks for the update!

  5. Wow, this is really amazing. 😀 And now, Google has a mistake! Goodness! 😀

  6. i think some these mistakes would not have occurred it might lead to such a successful technology world

  7. Actually MySpace is now worth around 50 millions $ as it’s starting to die. Rupert Murdoch wants to sell it or dzeable. So that wasn’t a big mistake !

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