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Puzzle android games have been extremely popular ever since their inception. They always manage to keep the player occupied and tease them with puzzles that require some serious thought in order to be successfully solved. Along with this fact, such games are often very impressive thanks to a simple design that keeps the player coming back for more repeatedly.

These thought-provoking games usually have a very simple and straight forward mechanic, which makes them very interesting for the players. The game to be reviewed today, by the name Flow Free, is also one such game that is going to keep the players busy. Read on to know all about it.

Flow Free: The Background

As this is a puzzle game, it doesn’t really have any back story or a theme that defines it. Instead, we will be taking a look at the popularity of the game, the gameplay, etc. as well as what can be assumed because of the massive fan base that shows no signs of decreasing. As a matter of fact, it’s the number 1 Hit Game on Android, ranking amongst the top app games in the world. With such a huge number of players flocking to download it, it’s a safe bet that this is one game that is at least worth checking out.

Flow Free: The Gameplay

As mentioned above, most puzzle games have a very simple principle or mechanic which makes it so successful. In the case of this app, this is no different. In this game, the player is presented with a tile which is divided into squares in the form of a grid. The player will also notice that there are different colored dots on each of these squares, and these will be placed randomly across the board or tile.

The player has to use the finger to drag one dot to the similarly colored dot on the other part of the board. Once, every one of these dots are connected, the player wins! However, there is a catch. When the player drags a dot, the finger leaves a colored path behind it, so when the two dots are connected, there will be a colored line between them, showing the path between the two, When the player decides to connect the other dots which have been placed on the tile, then he or she is not allowed to cross paths between other dots. This makes the game very challenging, and the player has to plan and think before making any moves, because if no path is left and there are still some dots remaining that have to be connected, then it’s game over.

In the beginning, the levels are pretty easy for all kinds of players to complete; however, the real challenge begins when the player advances to some of the further levels. The player is awarded points for how quickly the puzzle is solved as well as for how many of the given squares are used, so the player is actively encouraged to use most of the area given.

To help make things a little more interesting, there are difficulty controls in the form of different options. The first is changing the grid, by increasing the number of squares that are available as well as choosing to have a square or rectangular grid. In addition, the player can choose to set a time limit for themselves, which will be displayed at the top of the screen, and the level must be completed before time expires. All of these options serve to provide a challenge for players who have beaten the given content or are looking for something more. Talking about content, there happens to be quite a lot of it as there are over 150 levels and each is unique in its own way and pose a different challenge for the players. The fact that it can be enjoyable for players of any age just serves to increase the appeal of the game.

Flow Free: Graphics and Sounds

The textures of the game are a little on the ‘poor’ side due to them being so simple and non complex. Everything is very plain and there is nothing different about it; one can even go as far as to say that everything is in a black-and-white state with no shades of grey anywhere. This isn’t necessarily the game’s fault as it is a simple puzzle game but still there is a lot the developers could have done in order to enhance the visuals, even if they wanted to keep things simple.

The sounds are also pretty sparse and patchy, as there are only a few sound effects to lighten up the mood and a little music to engage the player. Overall, both the textures and the audio are pretty disappointing with the only saving grace being the engaging gameplay.

Flow Free: Conclusion

All in all, Flow Free is a nice game, and you should at least give it a try if you’re a puzzle lover. You can download Flow Free for free from the Google Play Store. Feel free to comment!

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