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Why Businesses Should Bank On Native App Development in 2016?

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Does you business fancy owning fool-proof enterprise apps with all the latest bells and whistles? Well then, marshal all your mind, money, and matter on native app development.

Because, it’s the only platform that offers awesome user experience.  Certainly, there are other platforms that are beguilingly beneficial, specifically in terms of cost-effectiveness, but then one shouldn’t override the fact that native apps are handmade apps that are basically built from ground-up, every bit of it tailor-made as per business requirements. In other words, it panders to all your whims and fancies when it comes to incorporating the latest features and functionalities that could help run your business smoothly.


But then, certainly, native apps are a pricey affair and command old-fashioned elbow grease.  And certainly, developing native apps is a tedious time-consuming processes That said, there is no getting around the fact that native apps offer outstanding user experience, and no other platform can hold a candle to it. Period.

Here, we help you thumb through the best bits of native app developments, and why business owners are swearing by it hook, line, and sinker.

Mobile-Optimized Apps

Business owners and even the common users were bracing up for native Apps in big numbers last year and this year as well we don’t see much of a paradigm shift. Why? Because it’s the only platform that enables mobile-optimized apps. Given that the apps are powered by an assortment of native functionalities, such as Camera, Contacts, SMS, Hardware Device Buttons and more, it bodes particularly well with the users, motivating them to download it in good numbers.

Seamless UX Experience

If smooth and flawless experience is on the top of your mind, native apps are the safest bet. Native apps work feverishly fast and offer unique user experience, given that they come with a device-optimized interface.

Supports User Gestures with loads of flair: Native apps are so developed that it responds to users’ gestures, such as scrolling, swiping and pinching in split seconds.

Offers clutter-free design:  Native apps are developed bearing the screen of the targeted  device in mind. While apps developed on other platforms are not optimized for specific devices; therefore the chances of messy layouts are more frequent.

Large animations appear more fluidly on native apps

Platform-specific App Stores

It’s a given that native apps have platform-specific app stores. As a result,  it’s easier for native app developers to find the right audience.  On the other hand, users can easily find apps of their choice in the concerned app store. For instance, if you are Android Phone Users, you can easily find native apps on Google Play Store.

Availability of Platform-specific SDK

The platform-specific SDK is nothing but a treasure-trove of tools that serve the needs of native app developers big time. This helps the developers accomplish the task easily and with loads of proficiency.

Ample Supporting Resources

Unlike other platforms, native mobile apps are backed by loads of support and resources.

Zero Security issues

Native apps offer better security environment.  And, if at all you have any security concerns, it’s because of the lack of experience on the developers side, specifically in terms of server-side security issues.

Easy to Fix Bugs

Having better development environment is just one thing. Another thing being that native apps also issue the best of the tools to test and debug your work.  So, you can, in short, fix bugs easily and in less time.

Highly Popular Platform

Most of the large enterprises don’t look beyond native app development, partly because it offers rich user experience and partly there aren’t any limitations.

Long story short, as a business owner if you have any big app plans in the pipeline this year, take the native way. They are the safest best when it comes to building memorable, up-to-scratch apps. However, in case, you wish to opt for low-budget apps, go Hybrid.

This article is contributed by Jini Maxin, works for OpenXcell Technolabs – a pioneer in the app development space with 7 years and over 700 apps to its credit. If you would like to write for us, join eSoftload Community.

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