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How to Make Your Salespersons Improve Sales

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In case your business goals are to increase both revenue and market share, while also sustaining growth, you should do whatever you can to expand your business by increasing your sales. Most of the times, businesses overlook the need of improving their services and products, which leads to a lack of concentration on their sales performances.


In cases in which they do focus on their sales, they only care about attracting brand-new clients. As a result, they end up forgetting about their most valuable asset: their existing and past clients. This article provides you with new ways of gaining the attention of new clients while also encouraging the past ones to purchase again.

Make your goals public throughout your business’s sales department.

Ask yourself whether the goals and objectives of your organization are thoroughly documented and stated, whether your sales personnel is aware of the objectives and goals of the executive management, and whether their goals match the global objectives of the organization. This should be your main goal in case you want to reach a successful sales level. Finding out if this step is followed is very simple, as all you need to do is ask the members of your team.

Improve you executive management Buy-In.

Executive level managers should be convinced that they need to buy into your strategy of sales. According to recent studies, a senior level management whose overall strategy is based on the sales performance has greater chances of success. If you combine this with a powerful sales leadership that can turn sales strategies into actions, your organization will be able to achieve great results through your sales performance management.

Communicate competencies for salespeople.

There’s a chance your sales competencies are already present. In case they are, you should reevaluate them in order to make sure that they match the organizational goals of your company. Besides, they shouldn’t be just ordinary job descriptions that don’t include any objectives. Make sure you find out what characteristics your employees need and what processes they need to handle. They should know what to expect.

Focus on services and products that generate income.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t sell your products in several areas. In fact, you should try exploring new fields that generate sales. But if you notice that customers are interested in buying something in a different area, you should really try to maximize your profits in that particular area, even if this means that you’ll have to reallocate resources from a weaker area.

Link both your performance-management and sales training systems to the goals and competencies of your business.

Make sure that your sales personnel have the necessary qualities for executing their functions. If you turn to a detailed skill-based selection process you will be able to acquire serious profiles of your employees and their needs. Make sure you identify the area in which each employee is weak and try to provide them with the training they need in order to produce an improvement. Besides, you can also identify their strengths and encourage them to use them for training other staff.

Create sales incentive programs.

You should try offering the sales staff some reasons to accomplish great things. You need to reward them for every accomplishment they make. If you do this, they will certainly return you the favor. You should try finding all types of creative ways to encourage competition: perhaps a dinner for two in a fancy restaurant, or something you know that will gain your employee’s attention.

Encourage your staff to upsell.

The process of upselling involves having to persuade your customers to buy supplementary services or products besides the original purchase. However, throwing additional products is not enough. For instance, in case your business deals with pet grooming, you should try upselling your clients and convince them to buy more supplies in order to keep their current look.

Tier your customers.

Customer tiring involves assigning various values to clients in order to make sure that the best ones are treated in the best way. However, you shouldn’t forget that all the customers need to be valued. You can thank your faithful customers by learning their names or by finding out all types of ways to contact and provide them with bonuses or discounts.

Turn to customer rewards programs

Customer rewards programs can simply consist in offering a discount whenever clients buy an additional product, or in providing them with a VIP status. All these techniques can help you repeat sales by building customer loyalty.

Provide customers with free valuable, services or products

Sometimes offering something for free can help you obtain serious marketing benefits. If you offer a free sample your clients may recommend your products to their friends and relatives. That’s why there are so many companies that turn to test drives and free trials.

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