The Most Useful Android Apps for Your Everyday Life

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You cannot deny the fact that Android apps are here to stay for good and for the good of all. Some of these apps are really handy and one would wonder what you would do without them, once you get used to them.

Apps help make life a lot easier and accomplish tasks faster and with less effort. After all, most of you are striving to get things done the easiest way, so why not turn to apps that save a lot of energy and time?

The greatest thing about apps is that most of them are free of charge. Described below are a few apps that are useful on a day to day basis:

Teradesk e-Storage

Today, the need to store information is felt keenly, however, the information stored casually is not quite secure. Teradesk e-Storage is the answer from Android to have a safe haven to store important information that can be recalled instantly.

Using this app you will be able to store a lot of information in ‘cloud’ and transfer the information, and while doing so, you can pause and resume any time you please. You can even share the information with friends and family through Bluetooth and MMS.


Stay connected to your family and friends and close community around the clock with this special app. You can receive messages from your family and the community in your location.

Keep tabs of what is happening where and learn about an emergency the moment it happens. It is more on a personal level where you get messages that are for your eyes only. This app is something really handy to have.


As the name signifies, this app lets you be yourself. You can access Google Talk and send Instant Messages to friends and family any time you wish. You can even send attachments of YouTube clippings that you found interesting and snaps and scribbles as well.

You can become an avid blogger and publish content. A handy app to have on your phone as it helps keep in touch with like minded people and create new acquaintances and friends.


This app is bound to be a hit with music enthusiasts. Get access to music maps and view the latest in music, videos and lyrics. It is powered with GPS that lets you keep tabs on what is happening in the music world.

You can now carry loads of music and videos with you while on the go.


Keep abreast of what is happening at work during your absence. You don’t have to worry if you missed a crucial meeting.

With ShareYourBoard you can now rewind and get those images on the whiteboard that would have been erased soon after the meeting. You can get pictures from any angle and enhance the images the way you want.


Identity thieves can no longer get to your personal information. Your passwords, usernames, documents, certificates, personal photos, and notes can now be stored safely in BioWallet.

Access can be done only through retina scanning and identifying the iris and authenticating your signature. It is a high tech gadget and just what the geeks wanted.

Astrid Task

This one is for the busy executives. You no longer have to wrack your brains to remember important appointments and the things you decided to do today.

This app helps you remain organized throughout the day by promptly reminding you about what comes next. A must have for people who try to do too many things at a time.

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  1. TuneWikki apps is one of my favourite andriod apps. Thanks for including it in your list.

    1. @onos clinton – You are welcome. ^_^

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