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PageRank Update : June 2011

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This time google seems to be in hurry as they updated Page Rank in about 5 months. This was a major update and most of the site got thumb up. Cyber World is up with Page Rank 2 from 1.

This time Google made a smile in the face of most of the webmasters by updating Page Rank before it’s predicted time. Last major update by google was on January 2011. So, start building links to get better position in next PR update.

If your PR doesn’t change, try to check out the problem and start building the links. The result will be seen in next PR update.

I like to hearty thanks my readers and subscribers for the support without which it was not possible to reach this level.

Check out your Green bar strength and share your PR status. And do share how you feel with the update?

39 thoughts on “PageRank Update : June 2011

  1. congratulations dude and keeping running the blog with more valuable information. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the support!!

  2. Congrats Isha!

    I got Page Rank 4 from PR 0 😀

    1. well, congrats to you mate! great jump. wish more for future.

  3. congratulation, my blog was pr “0” but now pr 1…………….

    1. congrats to you too..

  4. This is awesome information @Isha,

    I love your jobs, thanks for the update 🙂

  5. Congrats … Even my blog jumped to PR 2 from PR 0 🙂

    1. Good jump. Congrats, you can get better position next time.

  6. Finally much happy today that XploringMinds got page rank 3 on this Google page rank update on 27 June 2011.

    1. Congratulation. quite nice position. keep blogging.

  7. Congrats. I got PR 3 from PR0.

    1. Congrats to you mate. You got a good position. Keep blogging!

  8. Bravo! I was quite suprised actually, Google.com dropped from a 10 to a 9!

    Thanks for the congrats, hope to see you around again soon

    1. well that’s a good sign that google is loyal in it’s business.

  9. Great! After few months waiting, finally all my websites got PR updated. Thanks Google.

    1. yeah, thanks to google for updating the rank. congrats buddy!

  10. Good achievement! Congrats! My new blog got PR 2 😉

    1. congrats to you too..!

  11. In my opinion, I think this PR update has a connection with Panda campaign Google expanded during many months ago. Content has the very important role in this PR update, the websites/blogs with good quality content, frequently refresh, unique & useful information will be ranked higher than low quality sites.

    1. Yeah, Google changed their algorithm and the results are based on new algorithm.

  12. I did not get page rank. I make lots of backlinks but PR did not happen to my website. Now, I am waiting for next PR update.

    1. check out buddy is your blog linking to any spam site or check out for similar problem.

  13. Our site jumped from PR 2 to 4! 🙂

    Congrats on all your success everyone!

    1. congrats for thumb up!

  14. Congrats! My blog was PR3 and now it’s still 3…but I’m glad that it’s not dropped down 🙂

  15. That’s awesome…I didn’t know when the update would be. I just checked my site, and I went from a pr0 to a pr1, and yes, not a big improvement…but for a freebie site, I don’t think it’s bad! 😀

  16. Congratulations Isha for positive Page Rank for your blog.

  17. Well i have to say that I´m loving the pagerank update.!!

    Several of my sites has revised a big increase in pagerank, one site has gone from 0 in pr. to 4, and another one has gone from 1 to 4.
    So it´s absolutely nice to see that all that hard work paying of.!

  18. Congrats! U’ve done a great job

  19. Got a PR4 this time, up from 0, but I am not happy because it is with a blogspot blog. Now, I am looking for way to move to WordPress without losing anything (PageRank and Traffic). What would you recommend?

    1. permanent redirect old domain to new one. in next PR update you will get back your PageRank.

      1. But, as far as I know, Blogger does not allow a permanent 301 redirect. 🙁

        1. Install wordpress and move your blog on wordpress after that by adding some piece of code you can redirect old domain to new one. Google can help you to find you the code.

          1. You are probably referring to redirection through a JavaScript Redirect accompanied by a Meta Refresh tag. I already know how to do that but have not used it because I was not sure that Google is able to pass ‘full reputation’ through it. I just wanted to know from your experience if there was some other way to do a ‘real’ 301 redirect.

              1. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it. Will carry out the move after I am done with my admissions and stuff.

  20. I got pr 3 for my blog. previously it was 0

  21. Common belief is that it’s every 3 or 4 months.

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