5 Rumors About Windows 8

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On 20th November 2010, Windows has completed 25 years of existence. The trajectory of the system has many ups and downs. Though Vista has not generated good reviews, at least it was the perfect base for the the current version of Windows. Hailed by many and reaching a staggering 240 million copies sold in just one year, Windows 7 was shown to be evolved and is ideal for users.

Now Time For Windows 8

The seventh version of Windows very pleased, However there are a number of details that left some frustrated users. To fix this and make improvements, Microsoft has been developing Windows 8. Although rumors are spreading for some time, little is known about the new features.

To feed the curiosity of all, We were behind trusted information, Moreover, not so doubtful. We want to stress that the news Presented in here may not be present in Windows 8 or by the modified release product.

  • Startup Time

One of the most criticized in Windows is directly related to the enormity of libraries needed for running the system. Although Windows 7 have solved part of the problem, many people want to see the new system ready for use in less than 20 seconds.

Others have been more demanding and want the PC to function as a TV, and is called on Windows! And Perhaps the instant startup Is Possible because the picture – possibly part of a presentation from Microsoft – the concerts that feature is under discussion.

The solution may be related to the use of memory cards, Which Should speed up the boot with basic files. The challenge is not easy, but it is no doubt that Microsoft invest in this aspect, since the systems Competing also works accordingly.

  • Support For USB 3.0 And Improvements To The Storage

The USB 3.0 ports are now appearing on many notebooks and motherboards, But the drivers for the new standard are being provided only by Manufacturers. Apparently, Microsoft is to deploy the drivers on Windows 7 early next year, However, native support (without the use of additional packages) should be present only in the eighth version of the system.

  • Facial Recognition, Sensors and Improvements In Voice Commands

In Windows 7 we have great functionality of biometric readers, there is the reason not to bet on adding features such as the coveted “face recognition”. In Windows 7 is already Possible to use this feature with the aid of a separate application, But in the eighth version of such a system would feature native.

Besides this detail, a series of sensors supported by Windows must be in eight. Some rumors indicates that the light sensors may be in the present system, feature that will analyze the ambient light and screen brightness adjusts not to impair vision.

Voice commands on Windows are not new, But improvements in the recognition and response to voice commands are welcome rumors and more than ever support this feature in Windows 8. Sensors to use the functions “Sleep” and “Wake” must also be present, though not much in demand functions.

  • Optimized System For Tablets And Netbooks

With respect to future Windows, Microsoft indicates that the forecasts will create an enhanced version of the system that is perfect for laptops. Currently, some Manufacturers are rolling in October already, tablet with Windows in the near future and Windows 8 invades should such devices.

For smartphones should not happen the Same, because Windows 7 Phone just came out and Microsoft should Invest in the cellular system independent of the evolution ofΒ  Windows for desktops.

Speaking of laptops, not could we remember the detail that can be improved: power management.
Ineffective and the developer with some tweaks of the system get more smoke here help Consumers battery life.

  • Part Of The System In The Cloud

Again arrived at the famous term “cloud.” The web dominated and the future of Windows promises to be united with the internet service. Already Microsoft has some features to add to Windows 8. One is the SkyDrive, Which When integrated into Windows, the transmission of data in a way similar to what We Have in the Dropbox.

Another Software that will operate the expanded cloud is Microsoft Office. Office Live Will be the part of the system and the quick and easy Perhaps way for users to work together. The Possibility that exists such features will work in the manner similar to what exists on Xbox Live.

The User Should Be The Focus!

Well, with so many appeals Possible, We can not predict what the direction of the new Windows. For us in the Arcade, the best step that Microsoft could give would be investing in a system focused on user and not the system itself.

What is your opinion?

23 thoughts on “5 Rumors About Windows 8

  1. they are only rumours only, its not clear that windows8 is in beta testing or not??

  2. Great! Windows 8 is going to change everything!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Hope these rumors turn into reality.

    Looking forward for windows 8

  4. i think windows 8 will be released in 2012

    1. yes, according to information’s it may be release in 2012. but hope for the best or atleast will can use in beta version this year.

  5. Just rumors, but it would be awesome if they where true πŸ˜€

  6. looks like Windows 8 is going to be Father of all win OS this time…but still as these are rumors we cant be sure…we will have to wait for the Beta OS to come down to see what’s really in it…

  7. Cool, now me on w7, waiting for w8

  8. The mysteries of Windows 8 are being revealed! πŸ˜€

  9. Can’t wait to get my hands on the RC Version! πŸ™‚

  10. Win installed box are the most user friendly OS for that only they exist till date…..lets see what the next level of WIN has for us…from this post it seems really very interesting… πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing… πŸ™‚

  11. Windows is certainly the best operating system out there and I think Windows 8 will take the whole experience to a new level. I am just waiting for its release

  12. If these rumors turns true, then Windows 8 would be awesome. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  13. It is a nightmare for me when Microsoft brings out new operating systems as I have a computer tips website and people still need help with the old OS’s. I really hope they hold off on another release as Vista and Windows Seven were released too close together.

  14. Vista was a failure of Microsoft, but windows 7 was better.

    I really expect the most of windows 8 when it is released, because i am a windows person..


    1. sure kimi, we all expect some great features from window 8. thanks for our comment.

  15. Windows 8 is much expected update of Windows 7. I think Microsoft is planning to offer more features in Windows 8 as compared to Windows 8

  16. I have heard about it and read also that it is in beta phase. I am eagerly waiting for it πŸ™‚

  17. It amazing as to how fast Microsoft updates itself.It was just now that I was felling comfortable with Windows 7 i.e. I was getting my grip over the OS,now they are releasing Windows 8.Lets see what new features they put in this new OS.

  18. Well, there is a lot of buzz about Windows 8 on web. Waiting for its release eagerly. Let’s see what Microsoft has in its store this time.

  19. Just wait, I’m sure window 8 will not make you disappointed :). I love window πŸ˜€

  20. Facial Recognition is going to be a good option if perfected in windows.

  21. I feel Windows 8 is an operating system for the newer generation, I’ve played with the developer preview of Windows 8 and I’m truly amazed. Waiting eagerly for the final version to come out, will definitely buy it.

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