How to Promote Your Brand in Social Networks

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In 2016, it would be quite odd to state or prove the fact social networks are powerful promotion tools. So let’s just get down to business.

In this article, I would like to give you useful advice on how to promote a brand in social networks – regardless they are popular or specific like these ones – and consider a few general concepts from a different angle.

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Sometimes “obvious” techniques have many pitfalls and require an entirely different approach from the “common” one. Take the following tips take as a basis and you will get unexpectedly good results!

Define the Promotion Goals

Before starting the promotional campaign in social networks, be sure to accurately determine and set its goals. This will help you to make a clear plan, define the methods of promotion, and stick to the predetermined strategy in future when there will be a temptation to roll the wrong way.

Don’t force the promotion campaign. Blind and poorly thought purchase of tweets, likes, and shares will rather ruin the campaign than increase the presence of your brand on social networks. The temporary traffic fades away over time like a candle. Thus, don’t waste your time and money in attempts to get instant results.

Ask yourself the next questions:

  • What do you want to get from social networks?
  • What social networks are suitable for your needs?
  • Whether the competitors are able to outperform you?

Also, you must define the product or service you want to promote. You can’t kill two birds with one stone! Each promotional campaign must have specific tactics. Of course, the promotion of your brand as it is contributes to the promotion of the goods and services and vice versa, but still, it’s not the same.

Make the Promo Plan

Plan all advertising campaigns in social networks to monitor the statistics of advertising mechanisms and their effectiveness. This will allow you to gain experience, adjust the promotional strategy if needed, and predict possible shortcomings to quickly and effectively respond and get better results.


Don’t be guided only by figures – better consider psychological issues. For example, getting a like is much easier than getting a repost just because the last case assumes a certain responsibility for the shared material. Thus, set the realistic targets.

To roughly understand the desired statistics, turn to the performance indicators of the strongest competitors and pay attention to the reaction of their audience.

When drawing up the plan, focus on the following issues:

  • The sequence of actions.
  • The socialization of your tasks (the compliance with the typical interests of your target audience).
  • The “B” plan. No matter how good your strategy is on the paper, you aren’t immune to making mistakes. Therefore, be ready to adjust/change the plan if it doesn’t bring the expected results.
  • The presence of return on the investment plan. A positive balance after the campaign is the main indicators of its efficiency.
  • The presence of reserve funds. If the campaign meets the expectation, you have to step up the pace.

Take Into Account the Indirection of Some Methods of Promotion

Most of the work on the promotion in social networks is of a psychological kind. Don’t measure the effectiveness of promotion by only direct indicators.

When ordering social promotion services, the most owners bought an increase in the number of users. However, these users may not be interested in purchasing your goods and services. They just create a visibility of activity.

On the one hand, you do need buyers, but on the other hand, “uninterested” users positively affect the behavior of potential customers. Try to find the right balance.

Constantly Update Your Community by Providing Interesting and Intriguing Content

Frequent updates, high-quality content, sales, insights, exclusivity, and much more tricks are at your disposal. Do not let the user lose interest in the brand.

Have you ever noticed many communities have an imbalance between the number of users and real promotional results? This happens due to the focusing the promotional campaigns on inviting new users rather than retaining and motivating the loyal ones.

Objectively Evaluate Your Proposal and its Relevance

Analyze the compatibility of the target audience and the proposal before starting the promo campaign.
Don’t sell engines for tractors on social networks for writers?. If you have an interesting but too specific proposal, find the appropriate platforms. A great number of registered users doesn’t mean there’ll be a lot of potential clients among them.

Try to Lure the Competitors’ Audiences

The best way to promote something in social networks is to lure the audiences of the competitors. Suggest them bonuses, special offering, and any other competitive advantages.


Although every social network has specific features, you make take the tips above as the core of your promotion campaign. The aforestated concepts will let you to accurately direct your promo efforts and wisely use the budget.

This article is contributed by Lucy, a Buzz essay writer who’s always in search for new ideas. Feel free to send your suggestions if you want one or a few topics to be covered. If you would like to write for us, join eSoftload Community.

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