Mobile Devices – 2014 Biggest Security Threat to Businesses

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We all have smartphone and smart gadgets around us. In the work place, everyone carries the smartphone. Without it, we can hardly imagine our life on the go. From the security outside to the peon, everyone has the mobile phone in his hands.


With such increase in the use of mobile phones, the threats related to it have increased as well. The risks are always attached to the new technology and so they are attached with the mobile devices too.

According to the IT security personnel, the risks related to the mobile device use in the companies have increased the threat up to 9 percent. It is same as it was in 2010. Moreover, the mobile devices also faced the malware attacks in the last twelve months. A survey revealed it as 68%.

The mobile devices have become more prone towards the security mishaps. Of course, when everyone is dealing with the important data and keeping it in his phone in the form of mails, messages, chats, or graphs then to expect this data to be safe is insane.

What are the other related risks?

The IT security professionals have found out that the mobile devices are not the only threat to the companies. Another major threat that is happening to the corporate firms is the one that is related to the cyber crimes. The cybercriminals are active from everywhere and continuously trying to breach the corporation’s network. Their main motive is to get the company’s data to cause it possible damage. These crimes are known as the Advanced Persistent Threat (APTs) by the IT security professionals. There are so many risks related to happen in 2014.

As per changing in the dynamics, the concerns about these attacks and the mobile devices risks have increased so much. With all these factors, they are the biggest threat to the companies over there.

The growing problem

The viruses and IT risks are increasing on time to time basis. The IT security professionals say that they are facing the virus or security breach issues, 15% higher than the 3 years ago. Per month, they are facing at least 50 cyber attacks. The increasing cyber attacks are building the operating cost of the companies as well. With the mobile devices, it is not a problem anymore to enter into your personal account and to take out the information. Our smartphones are connected to our personal and professional accounts.

Need to develop the security plan

The IT security plans and tactics are need to reform. Reapplying the past years’ security plan is not going to help us out.  When we know that now it is so easy to leak out the company’s records, and data: said by the senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Lumension, C. Edward Brice. He further added that it is important to review the IT security plans due to these rising risks. Users are needed to be educated as well.

Hopefully, with the revised security plan and the proper education, the companies could save themselves from facing the probable mobile device threats in 2014.


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