Six Apps for Couples in Long Distance Relationships

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Soon it will be Valentine’s Day, the holiday devoted to celebrating and affirming love. For many couples, this means candlelit dinners out, movies in, or romantic trips for two. Couples in long-distance relationships, however, are not always as lucky.


Sound familiar? If your significant other is across the state, country, or even ocean this Valentine’s Day, consider spending the day assessing which staying-connected techniques have worked best in your long-distance relationship.

Even better? Invest in one or more of the following apps, which were created to document, strengthen, and add some amusement to every couple’s relationship.


Turns out, avocados grow in pairs. Likewise, their trees produce fruit when grown near each other. Taking inspiration from the loving nature of avocados, Avocado is an adorable app for couples wishing to privately and regularly keep in touch. Think of it as a virtual memory lane that you will create with your significant other by: Sending cute messages (“I miss you!” or “Do you need anything at the store?”), sharing photos, managing events in a shared calendar, and creating and sharing lists (from a grocery list to a vacation checklist). You can even send virtual hugs and kisses! The app vibrates when you place your phone against your chest or when you kiss (…or tap on) a picture of your significant other.


Want to leave something short and sweet for your significant other to listen to later? Download HeyTell. Like a private voicemail account for you both, the app is fast, direct, and only accessible by your significant other. Great for on-the-go couples, HeyTell offers a nice pick-me-up at any point in the day.


It may seem like an odd concept to answer feelings-based questions via app, but then again, your significant other’s emotional state can be the one thing you know the least about on an hourly or daily basis.

Not anymore. Tokii lets your partner know how you’re feeling, and lets you know how your partner is feeling. Answer simple “I feel…” and “You make me feel…” prompts, set your “Daily Mood” (on which your partner can comment), or play any one of the app’s DiscoveryGames, and the rest of the work is up to you and your partner.

Rounds Video Chat Hangout

Want to hang out with your significant other on Valentine’s Day but can’t in person? Check out the Rounds Video Chat Hangout app, which allows you and your partner to chat live while also sharing media—listening to music, watching videos, playing games, or viewing pictures—via multiple viewing modes on your phone or tablet. You can even lovingly doodle on each other’s live video streams (for instance, draw a heart next to your loved one’s face), add video effects, or take snapshots from the live chat and share via social media.


Much like Tokii, TheIceBreak is there to help you understand and get to know your partner better. The app is even offering an incentive: By answering fun questions publicly or privately, users collect Date Night Coins to exchange for local restaurant discounts!

Share photos and messages on your significant other’s private wall, and if you feel the need to voice an issue, you can even your partner’s overall communication, support, and even your relationship satisfaction. For some, numbers carry more weight than words.


When you just want to be sweet, consider creating a personalized greeting card from Treat, the recently revamped app by Shutterfly. Choose from Treat’s 900+ designs, add personal photos, and customize the text and physical delivery date (meaning you can schedule a card ahead of time so as to avoid being forgetful on the actual date). You can even include a small gift, such as a gift card or mug, for an additional cost.

Though the app is free, the cards and postage have a cost. To save money, invest in the Treat Card Club, which allows you to buy a certain number of cards in a bundle at a discounted rate.

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