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iOS 6 Security Features Explained

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Nearly everybody who is on iOS 5 will undoubtedly upgrade to the newest version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 6. It appears that the company has fixed nearly 200 different security issues that plagued the previous version of their operating system.

They have also added a few security and privacy features. Let us check them out:

Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization:

This is a little complicated but also very effective. Data structures within the operating system leave some doors open to hacking attacks. However in the latest OS, the addresses are dynamic so hackers are going to find it extremely difficult to break into it. Malware will not get into your device easily.

Privacy Settings Configuration (New Pane):

This is not entirely a new feature; it is just a new method of configuring your security options. It allows consolidation of privacy configuration for most of your general menu options like Contacts, Calendars, social media integration and so on. You can set permissions here and choose which third party applications can access important info like your contracts, your calendar and the like. The pane has been revamped and is very helpful in organizing everything easier.

Do Not Disturb:

If you have been receiving annoying calls this will give you a huge relief. It is also useful on days when you are in an important meeting or don’t want to be disturbed for some reason, yet want to ensure that you are able to receive the calls that are important to you. You can specify a list of numbers in the Do Not disturb segment of the Notifications Pane which you will find in the Settings app.

Lost mode in the ‘Find my iPhone’ app:

With this new feature you can remotely lock your phone if you have lost it or it has been stolen. You can also send a number (on which you can be reached) to the iPhone; this is helpful if you have just lost your phone and some Good Samaritan has found it. Whoever finds the phone will be able to call that contact number without unlocking the screen, but they will not be able to do anything else.

Find my Friends app:

This app allows you to create geo fences for your loved ones. This means that you will get alerts based on their location. Of course, they too need to be using the My Friends app, and they have to grant your permission to let you see where they are. This feature is very useful for parents, to track their kids.

Geo-fence use notification:

Now Siri, the digital assistant makes use of this to give you reminders based on your location. Other applications like the Find my Friends app, Alarms. Before, you could not tell if an application used your location for geo fencing. Now there is a status bar that indicates whatever geo fence function is taking place. In the settings you can see which apps have used geo fence activity data in the past 24 hours.

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