How to Use Your Blog for Selling

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At some point in your life as a blogger, you’ll probably start thinking about ways of monetizing your blog. This site has already provided some suggestions with regards to making money through blogging alone – one of which involves using your blog for selling your own products and services. But the tricky part is actually figuring out how to make those suggestions work out for you. Turning your blog into a mini-shop for your products, or building a blog specifically for promoting your services, isn’t very easy to do. But it is possible.


You just have to be mindful of the following things:

Get in the right mindset

If you’re used to being a more casual-type blogger then you’ll probably need to shift gears and stop thinking like a writer and start thinking more like an entrepreneur. This means that you have to evaluate your chance for success based on what you want to sell in contrast with the audience you have already attracted (if you mean to turn an existing blog into a money maker). If what you want to sell is exactly what your readers want, then you’re good to go. If it’s not, you either need to build another income blog from scratch or get new product and service ideas from your supporters.

In other words, you have to start thinking of the financial returns that your audience can give you. It can be hard, especially if you’ve become really friendly with them – but you need to remember that as long as you give them the help they want, they’ll be willing to pay for it in ways you never imagined before.

Determine what the reasonable price is

Once you’re sure that you have something people are willing to pay for, you can decide on how much you’re going to charge for them. This means not only looking to your target audience and figuring out their average income, but also studying your potential competition to see how much they’re charging for certain products and services at certain levels of quality. Take into account the kind of reputation you have established for yourself in your chosen industry, the blogosphere, and in social media. If people already think you’re an authority or talented craftsman, they will be willing to pay a lot of cash.

At the end of the day, you can’t risk charging too much – people will not go for your offers, no matter how good they are, if they can’t afford it. Neither can you risk charging too little – people who want real value tend to be suspicious of overly cheap prices. Figure out rates that are just right.

Reinforce your branding

Assuming that you already have a market generated by your original blog, you need to make sure that your products and services mesh well with your existing blog persona. This doesn’t just involve having a domain named after you or your products – you don’t need to have that, though those tend to work like vanity toll free numbers and attract more people. It also involves promoting your blog more vigorously through other channels, including social media and networked blogs, without spamming or compromising your identity as a blogger.

Ultimately, people still consider blogs as a means of getting insight into the character of the person or people running it. Inconsistencies inspire mistrust and suspicions, regularities project a sense of stability and trustworthiness. You’d want to be considered trustworthy.

Using your blog for selling is hard work. But if you want to succeed, doing all this will be worth it.

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