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5 Features Any Magento Navigation Should Have

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Coming to an online store what is it in the first place that buyers do? Sure, they start from looking for a device they need. Yet, it is not always the device they want to pick first. In some cases it is a brand they want to choose before searching for a certain kind of product.


A navigation system at Magento stores should take into account this strong desire to be committed to one brand, so that is why there are several features which are absolutely must-have for every site:

Brand fields

Don’t be afraid to put a stress on brands – people really want to see whose products they buy, so make it as visualized as possible. A good example is logo fields which are basically a block representing logos of every single company you have at your Magento store giving a link to a brand page.

Personal brand page

Introducing a brand always makes sense, even if it’s a famous one. It works particularly well when you have products made by some not really widely known companies which need introduction. Again, it is a good way to make the navigation easier as at a brand page a purchaser can see all the devices of the company you have available.

Precise URLs

It may seem to be unimportant at first, but in the end the clearer a page looks, the more people trust it. Special extensions developed to improve navigation system, like this one, deal with URL issue very well changing brand page addresses automatically.

Alphabetic order

Sorting company names is a way to reduce the amount of work a buyer has to do when he comes to a site. Search gets to be faster, which suits to both purchasers and Magento shop owners.

Selection option

To make it easier for buyers to look for certain brand products a single select option can be introduced which makes it possible to check a box in front of one brand and see its products only.

At Magento platform it is possible to implement extensions which will automatically arrange the whole navigation process. That allows you to make first steps of your buyers at a site faster which will eventually lead to more purchases and less abandoned carts.

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