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Choosing The Best Laptop For You

Today, the inevitable happened. My 6-year-old laptop finally gave up on me. It was a day like any other as I was going through my emails for the day then all of a sudden, the screen went black. I tried to reboot but it showed no signs of possible revival. It was then I decided […]


E-COMMERCE – New World’s Market

The rapid pace of technological innovation and their direct and indirect impact on us, giving  birth to new socio-economic equations and conditions at a rate that is faster than ever recorded in the history of human evolution before. The overall market of e-commerce in India is expected to grow by $200 billion till 2020. In […]

Poratable Charger

5 Gadgets To Make Stress-Free Long Flights

People get utmost excited when they decide to take a vacation off from their busy and monotonous schedule. They keep a tab on every little detail and plan ahead many things to avoid unpleasant situations later. They keep marking off the dates in calendar as the vacation date keeps nearing. There’s an exhilarating feeling but […]

IT People

How People Working In The IT Industry Can Save Time

Working in the IT Industry is surely the most lucrative career type today. Experts are always needed, and the market is spreading even as we speak. Whether you are educated in school or a self-learned worker, you are a shoe in to be set for life with a career in the IT Industry. Still, being […]

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