How to Make Irresistible Android Game Trailers?

Every time we highly anticipate the release of a movie and then decide to watch the movie in theatre, it is either because we have seen the trailer which developed our interest in the movie or someone else has watched the trailer and recommended us to watch it. The same principal works well with android […]


E-COMMERCE – New World’s Market

The rapid pace of technological innovation and their direct and indirect impact on us, giving  birth to new socio-economic equations and conditions at a rate that is faster than ever recorded in the history of human evolution before. The overall market of e-commerce in India is expected to grow by $200 billion till 2020. In […]

Android Lollipop

Why are you missing if you don’t have Android Lollipop?

Google has brought out Android’s latest version – the Android Lollipop 5.0, which has thereafter been updated to the Lollipop 5.1 version. With the new update Google has delivered numerous tweaks and changes, most of it internally, there have been a few dominant features added to the interface too. The new update radically alters the […]

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