Issues with Mobile Printing

With everything that we can do with our smartphones and tablets nowadays, printing documents never felt like one of them. But in this increasingly mobile and active society, why not? Mobility is a key business strategy for many companies. With this in mind, businesses are moving towards wireless printers with networks and Internet connection that […]

Top 5 Best Printers for Printing Photos

Purchasing a high-quality photo printer is beneficial for individuals who need to print their digital photos as a hobby, to preserve memories or for their profession. There are several photo printers available that fit many budgets and provide desired functions. Epson Stylus Photo R2000 Individuals who print many photos and desire professional quality prints may […]

HotSpots Offer Printing on the Go

Our world in the 21st century is one that offers 24/7 connectivity to the world around us. For some, that connectivity is a necessity for work and other business reasons. Ultra-light laptops and netbooks, mobile smartphones, and newer tablet devices all offer access to the Internet while we’re on the go. The goal of any mobile […]

The Curious, Unknown World of Inkjet Printing

Look over at that banal machine sitting on your desk, your printer.  It may seem common place and ho-hum, but ink-jet printers (the most common type of printer) and the ink jet technology that propels them, print some pretty cool stuff.  Not only do they print your tax-forms and your college essays – ink jet […]

Printers: Do They Have a Place in the Future?

The world’s going digital. There are now more screens than ever before – ten times the number there were in the year 2000. 94% of teenagers in the UK own a mobile phone and 63% of their daily communication is done through texting. Schools are pushing to go ‘paperless,’ and e-mail has almost brought about […]

Top 5 laser printers that Support AirPrint

If you own an iDevice then you will be well acquainted with the fact that the technology that you are using at present is miles ahead of what other technology houses have to offer. The AirPrint feature of Apple is proof enough for this fact. The AirPrint feature is so advanced that not all printers […]

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