What to consider When Shopping for a Printer

It’s estimated that over 80% of US homes own a printer and one in four American households have a home office of some sort. Many of these offices are used to run small businesses, often times needing a printer with a variety of functions. If you’re looking to upgrade your home or business office with […]

All You Need to Know About Electronic Ink

It is hard to believe that the etch-a-sketch led to the production of an entirely new method of digital display, although at the same time, comparing e-ink with an etch-a-sketch would be like how creating the wheel led to the invention of a car. There was a long process along the way, but eventually through […]

Top 5 Printers predicted for 2013

Everybody uses printers. College students, big-wig company CEOs, and everyone in between will need to transform their digital documents into physical works once in a while. Paper documents are considered a formality in our modern world, and they are used and required nearly everywhere. Investing in a quality printer will make your life so much […]

Top 5 Printing Apps for Android and iOS

Samsung (currently the biggest giant of the Android sphere) and Apple (home of the iOS) has been at each other’s throat not just over electronics market dominance, but through billion dollar lawsuits concerning patent infringements. We customers, however, are the ultimate winners with all the gadgets, accessories and apps created for our pleasure and convenience. One […]

Finding Cost Efficient Printers

Unfortunately there is no tried and true method of finding the “best cost efficient printer on the market.” Wait! Don’t stop reading! This is only because of the variety of printers paired with the variety of uses for printers. Firstly you need to narrow down what kind of printer you need. The two most common […]

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