Why Bloggers Should NOT Scoff at Author Rank

We really shouldn’t be surprised that Google’s Author Rank has gained a whole lot of attention from information experts over the last year alone. Among other things, Google has given us the following over the years: VoIP service in the form of Google Voice Real world navigation in the form of Google Maps Translation in […]

4 Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Mobile Users

The desktop computer is slowly becoming a thing of the past and as our everyday lives become increasingly mobile, information sources and communication methods have had to adapt rapidly to demands of a constantly on-the-move consumer. Mobile online navigation is no longer a novelty but a way of life, and has forced anyone with an […]

Learn To Format Your PC

Have you ever asked yourself, “Gosh how I  can i format my pc?”  For those who know have already learned that it is easy, but for those who are wondering how to do, here is a tutorial for them. Beginning First, we need to save all that we do not want to lose (pictures, music,’s […]

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