Have Some Facebook Manners

There are still a select few who have been able to resist the temptation to board the social media bandwagon but for most of us, the temptation proved to be too great. A lot of us now rely on our news feeds, packed with information that is either useful or useless. Despite our love for […]

Are You Experiencing Blogging Fatigue?

As we all know by now, running a blog is far from easy. In order to find and sustain a dedicated audience, you need to regularly create great content and promote your blog through various means – and that takes a whole lot of work. Blog long enough and you’ll start going through blogging fatigue, […]

Social Media Apps for the Home Business Owner

Owners of small businesses that run from home are lucky enough to have a wide range of new technology available to them. They can use these to assist them in making their business survive and excel. One of the greatest things about these cutting edge technologies is that they are sometimes created solely with the […]

Which Business Blogging Platform Is Right for You?

Blogging, which used to be the backbone of communication with an online audience, is now receding into the background – as John Doherty put it, blogging isn’t the only content strategy out there. And with social media being as popular as it is, businesses and independent professionals are finding it more convenient to do brand […]

9 Tips to Improve Blog Stats

Putting up a blog doesn’t mean that you’ll have an audience right away. Here are some basic ways you can drive more traffic to your blog: Choose a memorable blog name Make it easy for your readers to type in your domain name without needing to sift through their bookmarks.  Blog names are like toll […]

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