Is BlackBerry Back?

For a while there it seemed as though BlackBerry was on the precipice of being forgotten completely. Reporting a whopping $4.4 billion loss for the quarter ending in November of last year, the company has since done a 180. A new CEO, new products, and new partnerships have lifted company shares from $5.44 in December […]

Six Apps for Couples in Long Distance Relationships

Soon it will be Valentine’s Day, the holiday devoted to celebrating and affirming love. For many couples, this means candlelit dinners out, movies in, or romantic trips for two. Couples in long-distance relationships, however, are not always as lucky. Sound familiar? If your significant other is across the state, country, or even ocean this Valentine’s […]

Top 5 Apps to Help You Save Money in the New Year

This is the time for New Year’s resolutions, and for many, tightening the budget is number one on the list. How do you do that? Be prepared—write a list before for shopping. Scout for coupons. Sign up for loyalty cards, and find ways to get rewards for your spending. Most importantly, download these five apps, […]

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