Why You Should Consider Playing Mobile Games on a PC

Mobile games on PC? You’d probably react with this question upon hearing someone say that you should try playing mobile games on a PC. But of course! You are playing mobile game because of the many advantages of  the mobile platform. So why should you go back to your desktop and play that game you […]

5 Secrets Browsers Have that Might Compromise Your Computer

Does your browser seem to have a life on its own? Browsers are software applications that come with all operating systems. So you can’t really escape it. But why escape browsers when they can do you a lot of good? They’re the only application that allows you to access the internet after all. With all […]

The 7 Habits That’ll Make You a Rockstar Pro Gamer!

So you want to be a professional gamer huh? If you answered yes, then you’re definitely in the right place! The thing is, simply enjoying the game and “wanting” to become a professional gamer won’t take you a long way if you want to TRULY become a pro gamer. There are habits that you need to […]

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