The Best Way to Use Smartphone as Wireless Network Camera

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The best way to use your iOS or Android smartphone is to use it as an extra pair of eyes while you are away. People breaking into houses has become a frequent practice nowadays, and they do it with such caution that they leave no trace behind.

Even if you suspect something is out of its place, you cannot prove your suspicion. This is when the latest android technology comes handy.

Why This Is Good

There are many similar instances where fixing a camera can be helpful. For instance, when single moms or dads leave their baby sleeping and make a quick stop at the nearby store for grocery shopping. One can use the android or iOS to keep watch on the baby at home. Technically, you aren’t leaving the baby all alone, because you are being watchful.

This option is also helpful for pet owners who are forced to leave their pets at home. We all know how lonely pets get driven to the wall and display wild behavior. Keeping a surveillance camera helps pet owners to a great extent.

For some people who suspect that their house has the presence of supernatural beings (ghosts), using the android as a surveillance camera is a great option. Any slight change in lighting or shadow casted will get caught on the surveillance camera. No matter where you are, you can keep an eye on your house without being exposed to danger. You can inform the police immediately you get proof on the live feeds that are being recorded on your android.

Benefits of Using Androids as Cameras

The coming of androids is a positive development and can save people from lots of problems. It can help people watch their kids, pets and elderly people while they are left alone at home. Additionally, people can catch home breakers and inform the authorities about the crime.

Best Ways to Convert Smartphone into a Camera

Some people think it is very expensive to get this technology. The truth is that this is not expensive at all. In fact, all you need is an application like the “wireless camera” or “Motion Detector Pro”, available for download at about $2 and $30 respectively. This app will launch a website through your local network provider. It will allow you to access the browser from your device wherever you are, as long as it can browse using broadband. “Wireless camera” or “Motion Detector Pro” can be operated through the mobile device or gadget by using its IP address through the browser.

Once you have downloaded the app, you will have to make slight changes to the settings of the app. You will have to enable the “Timestamp” and “Motion Detector” feature. These will be displayed on the recording from your device. As soon as you’ve made these changes, your device is ready to be used as a surveillance camera.

Just place your device at a place from where you want to spy. You can access the live feed through the recording on your live camera by entering the address in your PC’s browser. The address of the device is displayed on the right hand side of the iPhone. You will have to click on “View Recording” in order to be able to see what the camera can see.

Another option you have is to download and install the Yawcam application software into your PC or laptop. If you are using a PC, then you will need to setup the web cam. With the laptop, an inbuilt camera makes things easier. After installing the software, you would have converted your computer into a surveillance device. Then, you will have to configure the camera feeds into your android to be able to receive live images from your PC or laptop. If you have an internet service provider with good services, you will enjoy using your android Smartphone for surveillance.

You can also configure the settings such that you receive snapshots as sms/mms into your mobile. If you don’t want to use live feeds, then this option is good. The timestamp and motion detector can take pictures immediately there is any kind of motion or shadow in the room.

Unless you are subscribed to a fast broadband service provider, you won’t enjoy using the android as a camera. When the service is slow or the bytes are not good enough, the image will be blurred and distorted.

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