Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system, with over a billion devices running them around the globe. One of the best selling point of Android Smartphones are definitely the number of applications that are available in the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store houses more than a million Android applications across […]

So, why would you be interested in protecting the files that you have in your USB flash drive when you can hide it together with your personal belongings? As a person who relies in this small storage in keeping his or her files, you have to understand that stealing virtual information is now one of […]

After a long support for over 13 years, Microsoft has officially declared to withdraw support for Windows XP, which is effective from 8th April 2014. Alike other users globally, you may also favor using an XP supported system, but due to support ending by Microsoft it is the time to either migrate to Windows 7 or […]

Whenever you create a page for your business it is crucial that you have to provide a streamlined look for your page. Having a streamlined look for the pages will make it easier for people to get the correct information easily for which they are searching for. Facebook has decided to provide a streamlined page […]

The flavorsome CakePHP is surely the most cherished framework presented by the most dominating programming language of its time, PHP. Since the year it launched, it offered great facility to the world of programming with its comprehensive development environment. Highly regarded as rapid-action framework, for almost a decade it has been the first choice for […]

Smartphones have truly become the best devices for undertaking several activities. Whether it’s finding information on a specific subject or playing games, smartphones have dominated every sphere of life. Today, people have started using smartphones for monitoring their cars as well. This blog of mine features five amazing mobile applications that allow you to control […]

WordPress is at least as secure as other content management systems. It’s also more popular. When hackers and cybercriminals look for vulnerabilities, it makes sense for them to focus on an application of WordPress’s popularity. It gives them the greatest chance of finding a vulnerable site. No matter how secure a default WordPress installation is, […]

Content Marketing is a term assigned to a process of generating high-quality content which highlights your product and increases awareness related to your site through other channels. Any business that starts up a web branding campaign and wants to be known across a large customer base needs to understand the value of content marketing thoroughly. […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 is filled with great hype and excitement, because of the grand success of Samsung Galaxy S4 packed with amazing eye gesture features. Samsung Galaxy S5 was displayed at mobile world congress event in Barcelona. The phone just like S4 has new interesting features and let us browses through the high-tech features offered […]

Do You Need an App?

For many businesses and brands, the question is whether you should try through to contact customers through a mobile app. Before diving into the world of mobile app development, determine whether you would truly benefit from an app. Image credit – Free Digital Photos Who’s Your Target Audience? While there are app users among all […]

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