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Search Engine Optimization : Bing vs Google

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With the Microsoft and Yahoo joining forces to achieve greater space with search engines, it is important that you do not ignore them in your efforts to optimize for search engines, in other words, SEO techniques you should undertake on your blog should also take care of these search engines.

Numerous articles written in blogs and technology magazines comparing Bing and Google, But you need to know the differences between how these two search engines rank their pages so you can optimize the pages of your blog to these two, as well as Yahoo.

Why is your blog rank higher in one but not another?

Most bloggers are frustrated that their blog ranks highly in the Bing, but is poorly positioned in Google, or vice versa. Here are some of the reasons why this may happen and, more importantly, some solutions to solve this problem.

Amount of text:

Bing puts a great importance for the content, so if your pages have more than 350 words, then you are more likely to rank higher in the Bing. Not so at Google, for which there seems to be the most important factor. So you need to optimize each page individually to meet the demands of the  Bing score page.

Natural Language:

Bing puts great importance on the relevance, so if your blog is optimized with keywords LSI, which roughly can be understood as similar terms written with different spelling words, then it is very likely to get better positioning in the Bing. Google is improving more and more in this segment, then it might be a better idea optimize texts LSI-based, rather than repeating exact keywords.

Title tags:

Bing gives greater importance to title tags than Google. I do not mean that Google ignores this factor, but that on the whole, the weight on meta tags for search engine Google is less.

Backlinks and outbound links:

Bing gives more weight to links in general than Google, And the greater the number of relevant backlinks to the blog has, the better the chances of a good ranking on Bing. Google may penalize a blog with a large number of links pointing to an external address and assigns different weights according to the PR site that points to your blog.

Domain Age:

Both Bing and Google appear to favor older fields, so if you’re trying to start a new business, it is better to buy a domain name, Which has been used for some time.

What benefits this can bring to your blog?

Like any blogger, you would want all the traffic, you can get is Bing, Yahoo or Google and the best way to do this is to optimize your blog for all the major search sites.

For those who do not speak SEO, Even at a basic level, the best solution is to hire the professional link building services to help you in your optimization efforts.

If you do not, you could lose a sizable chunk of traffic, because every day more and more users have also begun to use Bing for their research.

14 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization : Bing vs Google

  1. I think it is very important that you focus on especially bing because recent reports suggests that is gaining ground in the search engine market share.

  2. I cannot predict anything about Bing too unpredictive ,keeps on changing everything ! It sucks sometime as you never know as webmaster you are going right or wrong!

  3. I recently checked my rankings on Google and Bing. My website ranked #1 on Google on a specific keyword while on Bing, it was on the 22nd position. I don’t know Bing’s algorithm. I think it is somewhat opposite to Google. So I optimize for Bing, will I lose my ranking on Google?

    1. Hi Allen Cerezo,

      Bing algorithm is somehow similar to Google Algorithm. But, it more difficult to understand Bing algorithm. Many bloggers concentrate on Google and doesn’t pay attention to bing, and forgot that Bing is also in the Game!!

  4. Google is most trusted Search Engine because people are not much aware about other search engines.

  5. And What ABout Yahoo and about.com

    1. Yahoo has been merged with Bing, means both search engines are managed by Bing. So if you’re ranking on bing then you will rank on yahoo as well.

  6. The criteria of every search engine is different for ranking the page hence it is advisable to pay attention on everything that play role in optimizing your page like description, meta tags, title tag etc to make your page visible in the top 10 list of ever search engine.

  7. You can’t ignore Google and Bing, Google has more shares in total searches peformed on search engines but as a blogger or small business owner you need to put emphasis on both search engines.

  8. Google has dropped by a few points. However, Google has the competition with itself. Bing has a limited share and by no means it can challenge Google.

  9. At first i used Bing in parallel with Google, but know i rely mostly on Google. Somehow when you say page rank you say Google, and not Bing. However, I do agree that when promoting your site/blog it’s important to take into consideration the 3 major search engines: google, bing and yahoo

  10. Google has the largest market share in the Search Engine world. So most of the bloggers target Google. However Bing is ranked in the Top 3, so we should not ignore it. Thanks for writing this awesome article.

  11. The race is between facebook and google! Bing is no where near the track!!

  12. Google is a bit hard to understand. And I prefer tough ones. Nice write up.

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