The Mobile Dilemma [INFOGRAPHIC]

Companies are modernizing, employees are more mobile and therefore, the security risk increases. Security is the main concern for every companies and a problem too. The following infographic shows how to secure the data, using cloud networking.  Presented By Pertino

All about Microsoft Exchange Server History and its Versions

We all know that Microsoft Exchange Server is the most flexible and secure way to perform email communication within any big level or small level organization. Millions of users trust Microsoft for its reliability and creativity. Though Microsoft has plenty of trusted and depended users; Microsoft itself is improving its products to retain those users […]

What People Do On Cell phones? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you know 65% iPhone owners can’t live without their Phone. People are getting addictive to smartphones. But what they do on their phones? The following infographic shows what people do on their cell phones!   What you do on your cell phones? Do let us know in comment!!

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