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5 Emerging Trends in SEO for 2014

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Search engine optimization is a difficult undertaking to be sure, especially since major search engines seem hell bent on making it hard for those who are looking for ways to promote their site. The real problem is that some truly terrible websites have found ways to work the system, often through black hat practices that unfairly tip the scales in their favor.


The result is that users searching for a site end up finding something that isn’t what they’re looking for at all. And of course, the search engines want to put a stop to this. But as someone who is interested in promoting websites that are full of quality content and provide exactly what certain users are seeking, you should have a way of moving your sites to the top of the list. After all, it’s in everyone’s best interest to give the public what they’re clamoring for. However, you certainly need to play by the rules (as set forth in SEO guidelines). So here are just a few emerging trends for 2014 that could help to ensure your SEO efforts are on the up and up while securing your slot in the upper echelon of searches for your category.

Focus on content

Anyone who follows Google and its ever-changing analytics is well aware by now of the company’s vendetta against black hat SEO. And as someone interested in staying on good terms with the dominant search engine and promoting websites to the best of your ability, you probably also know that their main goal is to deliver the quality of content (via search results) that their users expect, and you can be a part of that structure. SEO is about so much more than just increasing web presence and traffic to a site; you really need to grab the attention of the targeted traffic you bring in and prove that they haven’t made a mistake by selecting you over competitors. And the quality of the content you provide will show visitors (and search engines) that they’ve chosen wisely.

Brand building

Getting found isn’t just about getting links in cyberspace, promoting the trendiest keywords, and having tons of social media profiles – there has to be some substance behind the flash and the basis for growing a business online is building a brand. When you stand for something, you have a mission, and you take pains to live up to your ideals, you’re going to have a much easier time attracting a like-minded crowd and developing loyal patrons rather than simply attracting one-time customers.

Quality links

If you pay attention to industry news then you’ve no doubt heard that link-building schemes are a no-no. And yet, linking is an important part of how Google ranks websites and assigns them relative importance for searches. The trick is to forego black hat practices like getting tons of low-quality links and opt instead to cultivate link sharing with sites that boast high quality. This is good business for everyone involved.

Mobile optimization

Consider how many activities you use your smartphone or tablet for that you used to rely on your computer for. It’s not hard to see why optimizing for mobile is crucial to success when it comes to SEO and online growth.

Creating communities

Social media is an important aspect of SEO, and choosing the right platforms to promote and build a brand can be crucial to the success of any campaign. But the big push for 2014 lies not only in utilizing social media to gain followers and raise brand awareness, but in using it to create online communities. The idea is to engage followers and encourage them to interact, not only with a company, but also with each other. SEO services offered will help clients to promote their business in the online arena. And strategizing with a multi-pronged approach to search engine optimization is essential to online success. But a growing number of users are looking for a feeling of inclusion and belonging in virtual space, and online communities can deliver.

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