5 Common Questions Asked Before Purchasing an SSL Certificate

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Frauds and several malpractices are indeed at large in the online marketplace. Tricking a customer into giving out money in return of nothing is not a new story in the world of internet. These practices are fairly rampant in the e-commerce world where customers are often charged for substandard services or no service at all. This has prompted the customer to scrutinize online stores rather carefully and buy from websites that show signs of trust, reliability and authenticity.

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Gaining the trust of customer is not something that can be acquired instantly. Years of hard work goes into building a reputation. However, the current scenario says otherwise. A cut-throat competition is prevalent in the market which stresses the need of an instant solution that enhances your credibility in the online market. SSL certificate is one such thing that is a sign of conviction and a website bearing its logo is considered to be a credible one. However, when it comes to SSL certificates, a lot of questions circle the minds of website owners. Here are some answers to some of those questions. Take a look.

Does a Cheap SSL Security Certificate Can Cause any Harm to a Website?

It is important to purchase a SSL security certificate that is capable of verifying the authenticity of your business and provides you with enough control on the domain name. The price is not the real concern here. It’s just purchasing a quality SSL security certificate will ensure that your website is protected from any unauthorized access and customers can shop with confidence that will result into a better traffic flow.

What Should Be Encryption Capabilities?

The selection of an SSL security certificate as per their encryption capabilities largely depend on the traffic flow on your website. If your website encounters a significant amount of traffic and undertakes transfer of customer information rather frequently, it is recommended that you use 256 bit encryption. A 128 bit encryption is also available. Therefore, make a selection wisely here.

Where to Purchase?

SSL certificates are usually available at websites that provide hosting services. There are several web hosts that currently offer these certificates with enhanced security parameters. However, it is important to choose the right company so that your certificate is genuine and provides your website complete protection. After browsing through the services of several companies, narrow down your options and weigh them as per your specifications and requirements.

How Much to Pay?

The prices of SSL certificates usually vary as per their encryption capabilities. A 256 bit SSL security certificate will cost you higher than a 128 bit. Check the prices of the certificate on various online portals and see if there is a company that offers them a quality one at reasonable rates. The best way to find the rightly priced certificate is to conduct a thorough research. Therefore, browse through the pricing policies of several companies and make a decision accordingly.

What Trust Indicators Will Be Activated?

Browsers decide the credibility of a website as per the activated number of security indicators it. Typically, an SSL certificate is responsible for activating those indicators. Therefore, make sure what number of indicators will be activated by your certificate. You can get answers in this regard by your service provider.

These are some of the most commonly asked questions while choosing an SSL certificate. It is hoped that they have managed to clear your doubts in this regard. If you have some more queries, feel free to input them in the comment section below.

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