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Five Superb Cinematography Apps for The Passionate Filmmakers

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Are you a passionate cinematographer? Looking for some tools that could help you follow your passion? Do not worry, as our talented iPhone apps developers have already made numerous apps that will help you to make your film.



In fact, the app store is loaded with such apps. The following article features some of the best iOS apps that could help you to grow and work better as a filmmaker. Take a look.


This application is an all-in-one slate tool for filmmakers. It is created by PureBlend Software. It comes with a digital slate, clapper board and shot log along with a wonderful shot notepad feature. The notepad feature enables the user to take notes during or after completion of a shot and even on the basis of the timecode. It even has the ability to log the camera settings on a per shot basis to easily replicate the favorite video shots. Moreover, it has a set of focus and color cards to check the camera’s calibration.

Storyboard Composer

This one is world’s first mobile application for story boarding. It has an intuitive interface that allows the user to lay out and arrange images the way he wants to display them. The user can easily add and re-arrange the images, set the durations, manage audio files and much more. The app also allows to add notes and scene descriptions right on the panel, making it useful plan the storyboarding on the go. In short, it is an easy way to plan the shots ahead of time in the pre-production phase.


The popular app iMovie has the best way to edit videos while on the go. This app has all the basic editing options, tweaks, and settings that lets the user to make HD movies on an iPhone. The user can also add different types of visual and sound effects to the video clips, trim the length of movie and animate the images. The videos created by the app can be shared via Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or CNN Report.

Movie Looks HD

This one is a great movie making app for the iOS users. It enables the users to create professional like movies quickly. The user can add different types of cinematic effects to the videos, adjust and enhance color with professional color tools. The new version of the app comes with 40 great cinematic looks including Blockbuster look, Black & White and other popular film looks.

Fire 2-Field recorder

FiRe 2 turns your phone into a portable recording application. It was the first iPhone app to display an accurate audio waveform in real time. It was also the first app to support markers and to offer native SoundCloud integration. The Voice Memos function of the app enables the user to record conversations for notes later, or just as a redundant scratch track while shooting a scene.

All these apps are really very helpful for the filmmakers. You can get these from the iTunes store. So, what are you looking for? Just download these apps and get started with your film making.

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