5 Interesting Features of Sony Xperia Z2 you must know

The Sony Xperia Z2 is now available in the Indian marketplace, and is being praised by the gadget lovers and tech experts of the country. The Indian buyers have welcomed the Sony Xperia Z2 wholeheartedly and are buying this smartphone, even at a high price tag. The Sony Xperia Z2 is one of the most […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 |The Upcoming Beast

Here today in this article we will be focussing on Samsung’s new upcoming smart phone, Galaxy Note 4. After the successful launch of Note 3 last year and Galaxy S5 a few months back, the Korean multinational would be keen on making Samsung Note 4, a piece of wonder. Prior to this, Galaxy Note 3 […]

Motorola Moto X2 – A Pre-launch Review

Motorola Mobility has announced that a follow-up to Moto X will be soon launched in the market in the late summer 2014, in the name of Motorola Moto X2. The manufacturer has confirmed this news in the event of Mobile World Congress 2014 in a Q&A session. They confirmed that the predecessor of Moto X […]

Car Monitoring made Easy with these 5 Awesome Mobile Apps

Smartphones have truly become the best devices for undertaking several activities. Whether it’s finding information on a specific subject or playing games, smartphones have dominated every sphere of life. Today, people have started using smartphones for monitoring their cars as well. This blog of mine features five amazing mobile applications that allow you to control […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 – The High End Android Player

Samsung Galaxy S5 is filled with great hype and excitement, because of the grand success of Samsung Galaxy S4 packed with amazing eye gesture features. Samsung Galaxy S5 was displayed at mobile world congress event in Barcelona. The phone just like S4 has new interesting features and let us browses through the high-tech features offered […]

Do You Need an App?

For many businesses and brands, the question is whether you should try through to contact customers through a mobile app. Before diving into the world of mobile app development, determine whether you would truly benefit from an app. Image credit – Free Digital Photos Who’s Your Target Audience? While there are app users among all […]

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